Faction fortunes

So, does the ‘fortune’ level of the factions affect something? I currently have 98 stovepipes fortunes, and 39 or something tacketies fortunes(UPD: 160+ stovepipes, 30+ tacketies, still no change). If I lower the tacketies even more and UP the stovepipes to 100+, will it trigger some &quotannex the Reach/Loyalists win&quot event? For now, the Gasette says the same stuff about the balance of powers(bla bla bla, company engines are leaving in bigger numbers, tensions are mounting), as it did when I changed the fortunes for the first time.

Also, I noticed that the fortunes fluctuate, and sometimes, when I upped lotalists to X, and downed the tacketies to Y, and returned to port, the number for the loyalists was smaller and the number for the tacketies was bigger( X-A, Y+B). Is there any explanation for this mechanic?
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What you’re describing is presumably the intended design, but the fortunes of various factions are afaik currently placeholder content, and theres no ending for either one yet.