Anyone else can’t log in with Facebook? =(

Yes, I couldn’t so I logged in with Twitter, but my husband doesn’t have a Twitter and he’s very upset that he can’t get in.

I wrote FBG about the login problem this morning. Chris said:

I don’t use Twitter either, so atm I’m completely unable to play.
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Thanks for the replies. Thought it was just me. :)

Same problem here, although only on the laptop, on the iPad I was able to log in with Facebook without an issue.

it’s been taking me a few manual refreshes, but I’ve been successful in eventually getting into the bazaar. I’ll definitely be much happier once they find a way to fix it, though

[color=#330099]This is really a bug but I am leaving it for now (unless told otherwise) in case people can share tips on how to play. [/color]

[color=#330099]Should be all fixed up now.[/color]