Extraordinary Implications for free, anyone?

Hello Delicious Friends,

I have been drawing that &quotThe Neath’s Mysteries&quot card here and there but haven’t found anyone interested in the Extraordinary Implication (or Cryptic Clue) that the card offers, yes, even those in my list of old acquaintances.
Would anyone be interested in it?

Thank you in advance for reading this, Delicious Friends. Be safe out there and have fun, no matter what.

Best Regards,

P.S.: I could be open to other activities, except the Affluent Photographer one and those involving penalties (notably Scandal gain… they are such a pain to get rid of).

Edit: To the one that discreetly accepted my request, thank you very much, Delicious Friend!
Much appreciated!
edited by Lestaroth on 3/5/2021

I won’t say no to free stuff!
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I’ll always help investigate what’s behind the glass when I’m in London. And the other things, but the 4-echo one is the only one I remember off the top of my head. :slightly_smiling_face: