Extension: FL Small Mercies 2.0.2, "HO HO HO"

Yeah, yeah, it’s me again. Hawking my highly questionable wares in an effort to shake up your game experience. :)

A lot has changed since version 1.0.1. This extension has been basically rewritten from scratch in order to be both more performant and support new exciting features! A lot of groundwork has been laid down to allow even more powerful additions in the future. Some polish may be needed at the seams, but overall I hope you will like it.


New features:

  • Remove Fate counter, snippets, MotR banner, location background, anything related to Plans, and candle container as well. While regular UI is surely fancy and eye-pleasing, quite a lot of things there just clutter useful space and can be distracting for your typical Grisly Grinder. Well, no more! With but a click of a button you can now safely hide the distractions away.
  • Your Favours are now tracked in the right sidebar. To capitalize on the newly freed space, you can enable our new feature that will show and update in real-time Favours owed to you by various London factions. Can be really useful for Tribute workers and Renown grinders, but also just looks pretty.
  • Quick save for storylet snippets. For those of us who hoard those precioussss bits of text, nothing can be more distracting and flow-breaking than that darn modal pop-up that lets you set the title of the echo in question. Which most of the time you probably don’t do at all. So, this feature lets you save a snippet with a single click! Don’t waste time anymore, concentrate on reading.
  • Add the “Profile” tab button. To better appreciate newly saved snippets you now have an opportunity to add a button that will redirect you to the current character’s profile page. No need to go into account settings and search for a link there.
  • Various items and qualities are now sorted in canonical order. Neathbow boxes, Seals of some kind, city mysteries… What cannot this thing sort?? (Yes, it basically means that “FL Mystery Sorter” is now merged into “FL Small Mercies”).
  • Option to choose a smoother scroll-back experience.
  • Re-designed settings UI.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

Grab it here:

If you want to support further development on this and other extensions… Well, there is a Ko-Fi for that.

As usual, brought to you by “Bloody Daft and Dead Inside Co.”


P.S. Let’s hope that we will survive 2023 without losing too many loved ones and any more of our shared humanity.

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