Exploring the Masters' Origins


As most everyone knows by now, the Masters, as well as the Bazaar, came from the vast realm of the High Wilderness. But as we are about to take first steps into the final frontier, the time has come to ask ourselves: Where exactly did they come from?

How did the Masters come to meet the Bazaar? Did they all come from the same place or did the Bazaar united them? Were they always as they look now, immortal and glowy-eyed? And most importantly: Will be able to find hints of their identities and origins during our explorations? Shall we find the renmants of their original homes? Their infancies? Their first dealings, back when they were young and small and the Bazaar roamed the surface of a desert world in a realm far, far away?

In short; will we finally be able to uncover the history and true nature of the Masters in the adventure that lies ahead?

I agree. This is one of the juicier High Wilderness lore questions. And out in the Wilderness, one presumes that they won’t go to nearly the same lengths to conceal their nature from observers.

It’s worth noting also that most Masters have dark red, motile blood, but Master Candles’ blood was, as I recall, golden and luminous. Another mark toward their being different species. Honestly, I don’t think there’s much reason to believe they look much like one another under those cloaks, other than some superficial similarities.[li]

I feel like Candles having different blood was fanon.

Also, there’s definitely other space bats out there, because [REDACTED].

Candles having different blood was implied by some of the text in the corridors of Frostfound:

The taste of a higher flesh
Your mouth is stained with golden blood. It will be gone when you wake. Oh, the heart of it. The heart of it! You swell with light. Perhaps you will live forever.

That’s pretty cryptic, like all of Frostfound, but the place is heavily associated with Eaten/Salt at least one of whom is a reasonable assumption as the subject of the text.

It’s certainly possible that &quotgolden blood&quot may be more metaphorical rather than literal.
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Nearly all of Frostfound may or may not be metaphorical, I’m afraid. It’s not terribly conducive to drawing conclusions.

I recall one of the masters on twitter mentioning that they all have dreams like the Vake has of just flying around space.