Explain great Khan to me

I’m completely new to the game, and recently got wasted in great Khan.

This was, I admit, only my second Captain, but I’d been very cautious and was what you might call fond of her. I took a few days to chill out before posting this. I was trying to grab some supplies in Great Khan, came in from the north, and when scooting around the left of the city, was randomly attacked by a huge Khan Ship. With my vessel’s pathetic turning circle, I got caught in the twists and turns of Khan and died. It felt arbitrary and completely out of the blue, and not in a cool, eaten by a monolithic horror kind of a way. What did I do wrong here?

Also, why am I loosing admirality favour every time I submit a port report for the second time?

a) Khan ships really suck. If you kill them, the khan gets annoyed, even if they started combat. And they hit pretty hard. Best advice is keep clear, keep lights off, use full power to take a wide berth.

The turning speed on the first ship I actually find to be the best, but it’s alleged there’s a relationship between framerate and turning speed. What’s your frame rate? (fraps.com has a free tool if you can’t easily find out).

  1. You’re not losing it. You’re just not gaining it. You only gain one the first time.

I’m afraid I am loosing it, the game clearly told me so. Bug?

Bug. You’ll want to report that to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com!

&quotPathetic&quot is not realy a term I’d use to describe turning on any of the vessels, if they’re working properly, so it sounds like you’re getting the turning speed lag bug. (Unless like, you’re at speed 2 and using full power)
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On the subject of Khanate ships, I destroy them if they attack, but I never collect the goods left behind, I find that the reward for taking them out isn’t worth the hassle to lower the suspicion. As for what to do around the Khanate, the ship’s won’t attack you if you’re within the boundaries of the Khanate, only when you’re outside (probably afraid of a shot going wide and the Khanate excommunicating them…), so hiding on the front door works every time.

Can you grab a screenshot? That’s the weirdest bug if it’s happening.

Salt Lions is occasionally bugged such that it drops your favour to 1 (or maybe 0), but I’ve never had that problem with any other Port Report.