Experimental Locomotive Options

I am about to start the research to generate an experimental locomotive. I have plans from both Mr. Spices and the Solicitor-Baroness (S/B). It appears that the plans from the S/B require 5 strong back labor plus a bunch of other “stuff” to research whereas the plans from Mr. Spices require only the bunch of other “stuff”.

Is there any difference in the gameplay or reward for doing the research for one plan vs. the other?

Am I correct that the plans from the S/B require 5 strong back labor more to research than do the plans from Mr. Spices?

Is there any other difference depending on which plans you research?


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There is a difference: the number of options you’ll have later on.

Without giving away too many spoilers: if you’re even somewhat friendly towards the Baroness or Devils/Hell in general and want to keep your options open in that direction, then definitely get that research, too.

If that’s absolutely not an option for you, you can skip the Baroness’ research.

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I PREFER spoilers :smile: so please feel free to elaborate. I have zero interest in roleplaying, will consort/be friendly with anyone or anything, and have a renown of 10 with Hell.

It sounds like you are indicating there are two separate research projects available - one based on Mr. Spices design and on based on the S/B design and that I can perform BOTH research projects. Do I understand this correctly?

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Ah not exactly. You can get two sets of plans - one from Mr Spices in your Lab (this is mandatory) and one from the Baroness (this is voluntary).

Whether you get 1 or 2 plans, the story will progress more or less exactly the same. But after many things have happened, the game will finally ask you: “well, which locomotive did you end up building?”

Meaning, you can get both plans now without making any decision at this point. Play the story and decide afterwards!

In the end,

Mr Spices will give birth and you’ll be asked to decide where the child should grow up.

If the child was born in a Locomotive according to Spices’ plans, the options are:
the Bazaar, the Magistracy of the Evenlode, and beyond the Avid Horizon!

If the child was born in a Locomotive according to the Baroness’ plans, the options are:
the Bazaar, the Magistracy of the Evenlode, and Hell!

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Okay, I have tried to wind my way through the complex web of pages on the Wiki related to this issue. My interpretation is that there is no reward difference between the various options (which locomotive plans are used and what destiny you select for the child (Mr. Transport). In all cases, the only reward is the increase of your watchful cap to 230. Is my understanding correct?

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Spoiler tag did NOT work.

Okay, there is a story difference based on the locomotive selection (Hell vs. Avid Horizon as location for Mr. Transport to grow up) but is there any reward difference? Remember that I have no interest in roleplay. My only goal is maximizing rewards or selecting rewards that are more desirable to me. Thanks for your help.

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Ok thanks. No idea why the “blurry spoiler” didn’t work, but the other one does.

No idea about rewards! I’m a roleplayer and story enthusiast - for me, the story is the reward! But if the wiki doesn’t list anything, then I guess there is nothing.

Edit: Blurry spoiler also works now. Still no idea why it didn’t do the first time round.

Yep. Blurry spoiler works now on the same post where it was NOT working an hour or so ago.

At the moment we don’t know for sure what the ultimate reward outcome might be, because the final tracklayers’ city content is still to be released. While that part of the Railway storyline hasn’t so far been closely linked with the Mr Spices storyline, that’s not a cast-iron guarantee there won’t be some as-yet-unknown final effect of the choice.

Does it matter though? Avid Horizon best ending, if only for the awesome text. :wink:

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Since there was no difference in reward, I just gave Mr. Transport to the Bazaar to save actions.