Is the character required to have a ship for this, or is his passage paid? I can’t hit it for awhile due to my own fairly Important grind…

– Mal

No you don’t need your own ship, there is another way to get there. I accidentally took that route with one of my alts by picking the top option at the Docks.

Haven’t made my way there myself yet. I’m trying to get to see the Theophysical Society Cards (Wars of Illusion) and don’t want to lose my seeking by setting to Zee

I am currently not a subscriber, and I missed the first part of this story. If I subscribe now, do I get the first part as well, or would I be stuck with only the second half of the story?

I haven’t finished part I yet (too busy lately) and I was wondering if someone could tell me:

Is one locked out of caution by not having the word of caution?

EDIT: I’m sorry if this is a question directly addressed in part I. Like I said, I haven’t had the time to play it yet. Also sorry if this is a taboo question.
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Cookoo, I’m almost 100% sure you get both if you subscribe now

It appears that if you decide to take the &quotspecial&quot way to the Elder Continent, it doesn’t reset any of your progress meters; my seeking is still at two when I arrived at Elpis Meet, but not too sure if leaving the Elder Continent will reset your progress bars.

[quote=NiteBrite]If I started part 1 in November early access, but don’t plan to compete it until the new year due to a time sensitive grind I am on, is there anything special I need to do now to ensure I’ll keep access to part 2 later? The new introduction storylet for December said to go to the house of chimes (as is normal for all ES) but when I got there, there was no new story. And since progressing a story out of the house is how you normally prove you had access to chimes in the appropriate month, this makes me concerned that I will lose the story if I don’t complete part 1 this month. Can anyone confirm this one way or the other?[/quote]When I clicked the &quotGood to see you&quot option on the &quotA Truly Exceptional Story: The Mask-Stall&quot storylet, I got the message that the story could be completed at any time. So, if you were able to use the &quotGood to see you&quot option, I think you’re set.

I wish I had known or realized to stock up on passphrases ahead of time. Would have saved me a lot of trouble.

It would save us a lot of trouble if you said how many to stock up on :-P

Thanks Failbetter! Happy Thanksgiving from the states. I’m thankful you released this :)

Looking great so far!

Although that is a pretty hefty loss… Guess it’s what I get for choosing the risky path.

This is marvellous thus far! I love it! I’m really glad I only gave Flint I four out of five stars, or I wouldn’t be able to judge the second part accurately.
I really hope we get to do the expedition part some more though. I’d love to see more of that part of the Continent.

You can never have too many Passphrases when visiting the Presbyterate, though since you’re visiting their source, you shouldn’t have problems getting more. In my experience, 30 ought to be more than enough, though I’m not yet finished with the entire story. I started out with 18, and I’m doing fine.

More importantly, bring some wine. Any cheap swill will do, but you can’t get more when you need it.

[quote=Romulus Arcana]I haven’t finished part I yet (too busy lately) and I was wondering if someone could tell me:

Is one locked out of caution by not having the word of caution?


No. ;)
I must say, this month’s story is outstanding, so far. It’s the only one that has me anxiously watching the clock, waiting impatiently for my actions to replenish.
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Does anyone know the difference between the normal and hard options? And if completing the story retains the unique companion, are the other two unique options similarly retained?

I can say without spoiling, you have a chance to lose items and companions acquired permanently. Since I’m not done with the story that’s all I can say (I’m at the prison location I think I can say without spoiling. I’ll hold off on specifics as something I have to do requires either me or my Deputy to &quotcommensurate&quot the arrival…)

Edit: D***it, what a horrible place to run out of turns. Do I or my Deputy continue with the libation? (If anybody wants to suggest what choice I should do, spoiler it please.) Even if vague, I’m spoilering this too.

I’m also at this point. I’ll probably continue having my deputy take all the risks, because I can’t imagine the choice doing you any good.

Anyone who’s taken either option with any ideas? Edit: Well, I made a choice.

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Feeling foolish, I must have missed something here, how do I now go South?

This was fantastic! Completely engaging, and I got to learn so much about the Elder Continent! I bought extra actions thrice with Fate on my alt to shoot through the stories, whereas my main is still currently hanging out at Caution (talk about role reversal). I regret nothing. I’m looking forward to the next few exceptional stories.

Now I can reply to the RPs that I have been neglecting on one character, while I pursue a different Flint arc on another. ._.

@Meat Machine: Which part of the story are you at currently? If you’re in Apis Meet, eh, take note of your deputy’s hint: free foreigners cannot travel South…

… But caged ones can. Go to the carnival and objectify yourself.

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Anyone know what effect…

appointing the Woman in Yellow to be your Deputy has?

[quote=Dr Strangeyoung ]Anyone know what effect…

appointing the Woman in Yellow to be your Deputy has?

I’ve appointed her as my Deputy, and we’ve had the opportunity to talk. You can chose to encourage or discourage her, and ultimately, convince her to become a statue or not. However, I don’t know if this is available even without appointing her as Deputy, since this is my very first play-through.

I’ve taken it upon myself, and have not suffered any visible injury or loss. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I am now on the horns of a moral dilemma - should I be a heartless bastard and disregard the wishes of another for my own benefit, or should I do the right thing at a loss to myself?

My Woman in Yellow deputy has finally found peace as a lawn ornament. Should I forcibly bring her back? I still need her services! Arrgh my head says yes but my heart says no.