Exceptional Story Disappeared

[li]Ive taken a break from the game of a week or so.
[li]Before that I had started the cat related exceptional monthly story. I like to do them near the end of the month so I don’t feel story starved, so I hadn’t done much of it yet but im sure id done enough to unlock it (had done the lead in that directs to Chimes then chatted to the cat there), and even if I hadn’t we are still in this month; so it seems very strange.
[li]Cant find any of this story just the new sailor one.
[li]I do exceptional friendship mainly for these stories, so atm im feeling robbed of 9 bucks.
[li]Any idea what I might be doing wrong or if im not overlooking something how to fix this?

If you don’t start the story through the house of chimes it disappears when the next story is made available on the last thursday of the month.

I don’t know if you played enough to unlock it permanently but if you think you did it may be a good idea to contact support.

I think there should be something under &quotstory&quot in the myself tab if you’ve started it.
edited by suinicide on 8/31/2016

Alfred, have you checked in Ladybones Road? That’s where I can see the storylet. Also, I have &quotReclaiming the Horizon 30 - You are ready to break into a library in Ladybones Road&quot as a quality under Stories on the Myself tab. You should have something the like. If not, you’ve forgotten to unlock it - please remember that Exceptional Story changeover is always on the last Thursday of the Month!

I don’t know what FB’s policy is for cases of &quotsubscribed, but forgot to unlock&quot. You might want to contact them (support@failbettergames.com) if this is the case with you.