Evolution is Fallen London's next serial story

Thankee very much, kind Londoner!

Has anyone had their Nightmares reach 8 whilst aboard the Delight?

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Yes, I think it’s on the wiki. It forces you to put the mask back on, which then triggers a nightmare drop and some flavour text, I don’t remember any other results.
I think that one should be it.


I’m really enjoying the challenge of the new update, even if it has meant spending a lot more time talking to Death than I would prefer. As a long-term player its great to have a new challenge! I do agree that having friendly ports marked on the map would be a plus, though - the frustrstion of accidentally docking at an unfriendly port with a TW of 7 is real…


The lighthouses, Partial Maps (when Troubled Waters rises to 7) and high Monstrous Anatomy (for dealing with the crabs) are a godsend. Having gotten used to it I’m basically in the same boat, it’s nice to have a grind that lets you win a little income on the side.

I still maintain that, unlike what some here insinuate, that the difficulty curve was quite steep until what appear to ahve been some recent patches.

“Nothing but blackness outside – unless there’s a deeper colour within the blackness. Peligin or gant, perhaps. The longer you stare, the more you begin to see shades: the blackness that conceals, the blackness that reveals, the blackness before death. (The blackness after death isn’t here. You’re not deep enough. Yet.)”

Chapter Six of Evolution is out now! Go back to the beginning and retrieve the Shell of Regret from Orchard House. Construct a diving bell and dive into uncharted depths. There are secrets in the deep – secrets long thought buried. Secrets belonging to the Naturalist, the Dilmun Club, and to powers far, far older than both.

The Youthful Naturalist is running out of time. He has never been closer to death. If he wishes to change his Destiny, he must seize fate with both hands and act. But he cannot do it alone. He needs supplies. He needs his friends. And most of all, he needs your help.

Evolution is available to everyone who has a ship and has delved into the mysteries of the Dilmun Club – specifically, you will need to have completed a trip to the Court of the Wakeful Eye and obtained the quality ‘Associating with Radical Academics’ at 75. The entirety of the serial story is free, and available to all players.

This is the penultimate of Evolution’s seven chapters, and picks up from the previous chapter through the London Opportunity Deck. There is one final experiment left to conduct. Evolution will conclude in Irem, later this year.


[You will need to gather equipment from Port Cecil, the Fleet of Truth, a Khaganian Patrol Vessel, and the Court of the Wakeful Eye. Once you set zail, you’ll be able to review these destinations again with the Youthful Naturalist at zee.]

So I have visited all four of the places above and done the Evolution-themed content, and received a message saying “You have almost everything you need” – but there is no new storylet anywhere that I can find, and there is no new conversation option with the Naturalist while at Zee to suggest what else I should do. Suggestions? How can I check what needs to be done, or otherwise progress the story?

I’m stuck in Godfall. I’ve got all the equipment, but taking pilgrimages does nothing, despite the Naturalist telling me to do it.

Where/when did the Naturalist tell you to visit Godfall? I haven’t gotten a single instruction from him since the bit I pasted above.

He tells you after you get the pieces needed for the diving bell

Is there a way to see which pieces the game thinks you have? I’ve done all four storylets and don’t want to repeat ALL of them.

Edited to add: answered my own question by looking at the Wiki. Apparently, despite having an “Associated with a Young Naturalist” value of 550, I’m not getting the “Discuss the Diving Bell” option to appear when I’m at Zee – which is also preventing anything from happening at Godfall. I’ll report that as a bug.

Did you visit the fleet of truth twice? Getting something from them takes two interactions.

I’m still hunting the khaganian patrol vessel.

You need to draw Fleet of Truth at least twice to progress. Maybe same thing with Khanate patrol. Check your qualities in the Naturalist’s storylet in your ship.

Just once for the Khaganian patrol vessel.

And where, oh where, are the jellyfish?

Still hunting for that khaganian patrol vessel. I died but apparently the naturalist helps your ship get fixed up so you don’t lose stashed treasure.

Still would be nice to see remaining steps, what’s the next thing to find. I think I remember but now I’m starting to doubt.

[edit] Never mind! Found the storylet that tells me exactly what I’m missing. Oops. It’s all there.

A note for others: you will want to have 5 Cellars of Wine on hand before leaving London. You’ll need them eventually.


I visited two Science destination islands (Bullbone, Corpsecage) before I saw the Fleet of Truth and a storylet allowing me to “talk” to scholars on Orthos’s boad while zailing towards Grunting Fen, the third science exploration island. Amalgamate is right, though; after you talk to the scholars once, you need to do so a second time.

Before zailing to the Court of the wakeful Eye, make sure that you have at least 20 tribute since you need it there to acquire the Evolution item.


I’m at the part where you need to sail 'round the Neath to map out the place you’re supposed to drop the diving bell. So far I’ve only picked up one of the cards advancing the quality, and the map is still telling me I should go to all the destinations. Anyone notice a specific order that can accelerate it, or am I stuck randomly hunting between ports?