Everything is equippable?

It seems that even if something has no bonus to equipping, it’s equippable. Is it because it’s the wrong type of item (should it be a particular quality to avoid this), or is this just a thing that happens? [li]

Anything assigned to an item slot is equippable. That’s just how things are.

But I don’t want to equip a potato. That makes NO sense. ;-)

A good way to get around this is to set the required location for equipping to somewhere that the player can never get to. For example you could go with an area called &quotUNEQUIPPABLE&quot and it would show up as &quotYou must be in UNEQUIPPABLE to change what’s in the slot&quot. It’s not perfect but it makes more sense than wearing potatoes. I have my area as C:\NULL as it makes sense in my setting.
edited by leonn3k on 3/4/2014

Yes, it is annoying, as the slots are otherwise very useful for organising the player’s inventory. It’s just the way SN works though - if something lives in a slot, you can equip it.