Events aftermath balancing

Sorry to delve again in the same topic. Event balance. This is weird. In another thread I complained that some events gave you a meager, tiny, ONE fragment. I found that ridiculous.

Now I have another example. In Vaarchas, if you talk to someone and manage to weaves him a good story (there is a veil challenge to pass, but it is not that hard), then you gain… guess what? SEVEN SECRETS. Yes, not fragments, secrets! I never got anything remotely as high as 7 secrets, even on major quests/events anywhere else.

So either this is an oversight of the devs and they wanted to type 1 secret, or event balancing is seriously out of whack! Some events where you believe you’ll get at least 50 fragments give you 1 and some… wow… too much!

That’s 7 secrets per captain, since you can only take that action once. The ones that give 1 fragment are usually repeatable.
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Yes, the rewards in Varchas are quite good, but like Visage they tend to be one-shots. Also, it has no shops, and unlike Visage it’s of out of the way - so they need to be. Otherwise there’d be a lot of skirting northeast out of Apis Meet to get back to more rewarding parts of the map. As it is, Varchas has a couple of brilliant rewards and a lot of brilliant world-building. Unless your captain has a particular fascination with Kingeater’s…

You mean its NOT normal to use Lose Your Mind at least once per voyage?

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