ETA on Diamond?

I know it’s only January 2nd but I’m chomping at the bit for it. God help me I’m hopelessly addicted to this game… I need a 12 step program or something!

‘Start January’ sounds pretty promising. Soon, please?

Does anyone know what “wandering weather phenomena” refers to? Like hurricanes or more eldritch than that?

I hope the answer is something horrific. What generates the wind in the Unterzee to begin with?

wax-wind will need to be less disastrous than it’s been made out to be, or weather could make things MUCH more difficult.

I hope it’s more things related to the god Storm.

Salt and Stone have been getting most of the juicy content in the past updates (Stone for healing, anti-terror and being generally benevolent; Salt for being a possessive love/child-killing bastard), whereas despite being one of the most violent and unpredictable forces in the Zee Storm’s barely interacted with in the gameplay.

Besides, isn’t he the thing in charge of weather on the roof of the Neath(as well as the tides of battle)? I vaguely remember a few weather events in Fallen London associated with him. Recent updates at the Chelonate also seem to be hinting at a growing importance of Storm in the Zee’s battlefields.
edited by Bardigan on 1/3/2015

Random weather events would be interesting, lightning storms and bad seas to cause ships to take damage or change direction to ride out the storm would be interesting, but it would mean that on the whole, you’d have to be significantly more careful when you were out there, always having extra fuel and supplies on hand in case you hit bad weather (so additional cargo space to accommodate this would be very appreciated, particularly if it’s going to become a regular occurrence).

Possibly having Storm/Stone/Salt’s favour as a usable option on the ships combat bar to let the aforementioned favours take effect, perhaps stone rises up to damage from beneath the waves, storm sends the other ship out of control, and Salt…


Nothing says possessive as much as instant whirlpool death… :)