Esurient and Warblers - Seven-Eleven

When I learned about the Esurient Smith’s fascination with the number seven, and the existence of the seven-headed birds, my first thought was to introduce him to the bird. Then I got seven of the birds, just in case he’s the &quotseven into seven&quot sort. I even got seven of the possessed kind, just to see if there is anything.

I never did get more. That would be silly.

But now here it is. Eleven. That’s the number of birds needed, so that he can see seventy-seven heads.

I do wonder if this has been there since March.

Here’s the wiki page.

I am going to get eleven of the possessed ones, to see if there’s anything.

UPDATE: No, eleven of the possessed ones do nothing.

P.S. No, I will not go for 111 of either kind. That’s crazy.
edited by Rostygold on 7/2/2020

This is the kind of attention to detail and the bit of extra effort that make Fallen London literally playable.

I only stumbled onto this. I was accumulating the Warblers in preparation for the would-be butchery at Ealing, and have set up the Profound Student & Esurient Smith combo to make another Infernal Machine. Then there’s the option there.

After all, His only stipulation is that the number provided must contain a seven, but never a seven alone, and never a number greater or less than seven.