Enthusiastic Urchin: A Box of Possibilities

The urchin is back! New possibilities for a kickstarter!!

The options are:

  1. A game about rats - procedurally-generated turn-based, side scrolling adventure

  2. A game about stars - SS-like exploration game in space

  3. A Fallen London lorebook and tabletop RPG

  4. A digital card game - The Great Game-themed

[I actually can’t decide. I want to pledge to three! I am less excited about the rat thing but everything else is &quotTAKE MY MONEY&quot]
edited by genesis on 6/7/2016

I chose digital card game :)

Well, I picked the rats! Sounds fun, interesting, possible a rogue-like and, most important, it’ll be in the sewers of Fallen London!

Exploring the stars sounds like fun to me. I would love to know more about the Judgements.

It was a tough decision, and I went for the Lorebook and tabletop RPG, that’s what I can see myself enjoying the most for the longest amount of time.

But learning more about the Judgements sounds fantastic! Or building a rat colony! Can I vote for all of them?

Rats for me, too!

I went with the stars in the end.

Incidentally, I got the quality value “Sunless Sky” (which given that it’s a successor to “Sunless Sea” may indicate the draft name for the product)

Those of you who chose other products, what quality descriptor did you get?

Ooo! Could you turn your original post into a poll perhaps? I think the Lorebook sounds the most fascinating but the other opinions are perhaps more practical for a smaller company.

Edit: no, sorry. I’m on Team RATS. The blurb sounds intriguing!
edited by Parelle on 6/7/2016

I chose the RPG and tossed all of the details I could get on the wiki.

Would be happy to if someone tells me how… Nothing obvious shows up on the edit interface

I’m with Lady Ciel and genesis. I came here from SS, it was so incredible an experience that I simply HAD to join FL in order to explore the Lore more. (of course I found that Lore here is much, Much, slower to acquire, but I’ve found other reasons to stay that are more compelling)

Anyhow, I would totally back a Sunless Sky product.

That said, the Lorebook was really tempting, but I think the Rats sound more fun.

Well, this is a no-brainer for me! SUNLESS SEA IN SPACE, of course!

[quote=Parelle]I think the Lorebook sounds the most fascinating but the other opinions are perhaps more practical for a smaller company. Of those, the Sunless Stars sounds interesting…[/quote]^ This. The lorebook would be pure gold for die-hard fans, but a little Company like Failbetter must make money, and I think the other projects sounds more lucrative.
Maybe add the lorebook as a kickstarter reward for a videogame? I’d throw lots of money at the screen for that.

EDIT: I almost forgot! To whomever voted for the card game option, may I suggest Cabals? It’s a fine little card game about secret societies fighting one another. Last time I played it it was’t tto balanced, but the setting is really charming.
edited by Zero on 6/7/2016

I obviously don’t know the logistical effort involved but it does seem to me that a lore book is of a somewhat different complexity level than the games. So I wonder whether a lore book could be a stretch goal to one of the other options…

Team stars for me!

They all look interesting to me except for the digital card game. I chose the lorebook because it’s the one that I’m most likely to be able to use, since I don’t own a smartphone or a Windows/Apple system.

I voted for the third because of the lorebook… I really wanted to vote for the second though. I’m not sure how one could fly amongst the stars without exploding in their light but I’d be curious to find out how.

I’m also rather unsure of how I feel about the card game or the rat game.

Rat rat rat rat. Voting for that gives you a quality value labeled “Rattus.”

Some one argue with me on this: I do want a Lorebook. I do, I very much want one. I’d love to dive in and have something off line to engage with.

But I’d be afraid of a written history cutting off some of the grand speculation we have here. If the Powers that Be have to definitely declare what is true, it closes off possibilities: what is the First City? Who is the Manager of the Bethlehem Hotel? What is the true name of the Duchess? What’s exactly has happened under the cellars of the Palace (and which palace is it?) The world of Fallen London then becomes fixed in a way it wasn’t before and less open to interpretation. It’d be like having a set generated map for Sunless Sea (and honestly, I’d expect a lorebook to have a map…). For new players coming in for the first time, they’ll have a question and - bam. We’ll answer it in a second by looking it up. And they’ll have the answer, but not with the exploring it would have been taken earlier.

And, worse yet, fans being fans, we’ll probably find something they missed or an inconsistency. Something small (Wine didn’t exist in the 15th Century BC! Dip pens can’t write upside down like that! Ladybone’s Road is North of the Forbidden Quarter on the map but East of it in the Book!) which doesn’t necessarily matter - but something a bit off. And unless we plan an elaborate Sherlockian style mythology around it, it’ll be, ‘Oh, they made a mistake’ and spoil some of the fun of it.

But, oh, I’d like a book, as much as I’d fear what we’d lose by it.

What are the other option qualities? Can we assume that they are the tentative names of the final product?[li]