Engine damaged from taking 1 hull's dammage

Is there any way to repair the engines when you are out and about?
It seems they can go down to 50% from just one hit, and repairing the hull does not fix the engines.

I’m not sure what you mean - the engines can’t be damaged; only the hull. If you mean the heat gauge in the top left, that’s not a damage meter - it’s just at 50% as default, goes up when you overstoke the engines, and goes down when you’re out of fuel.

Maybe Im just unlucky, but when you take damage it seems to have a chance to reduce your maximum engine power to 50% (can only goto 1, not 2.

The only thing I know of that can cause the 2-speed options to be locked out is losing more than half your crew, but maybe I just haven’t been sufficiently unlucky.

See how speed 2 in this screenshot is grayed out…

interesting, maybe that’s it, and Ive just been unlucky to lose crew when high in hull…

Yo, that’s not having anything to do with your engine, it has to do with having less than half the max amount of crew. They should make that more clear.

[li]maybe, maybe not.

i’ve seen unusual results with engine speed myself. i don’t beach the boat (often) but there have been times when my crew level dropped to or below 50% and i could maintain full speed (2). it appeared as if the game was still counting crew i had sent on successful prize missions. they weren’t on my ship, but they weren’t dead, so … they still counted for speed?

this doesn’t happen ALL the time, but has happened enough for me to notice and draw the association.

if the engine goes bust at sea, do you at least get repair options back in London?

Relax, your engine’s fine. Speed is affected by 4 things, uno: overstocking the engine, happens when you hit F, due: loosing more than half your crew disables fullspeed, tre: the rare happenstance when you overstock your serpentine and the Fingerking takes over, giving you 20’000 engine power (+18’500) turning your ship into a torpedo and quattro: that bug when the game doesn’t really know or care how fast you should be and randomly slowes you down or speeds you up.

Yours is most likely the second or the fourth, none of the above dents your engine in any way, yes even a raging god from behind the mirror doesn’t make a scratch into that thing.