Engaged in Cases

Seems like a much more fun way to do the early content! Cool stuff.

I like the cases–they introduce welcome variety to grinding, as you say–but I think I prefer the Heist format. The Heists feel more challenging, somehow.

That being said, I’d like to see both cases and Heists stay in the game. Variety is very good.

Alas, got some business to attend to at Court, but I plan to try the new investigation mechanic as soon as possible.

I like the variety. Too bad not much of the teased content is up yet.

Has anyone finished the Absconding Devil yet and if so what did they pick and what were the results?

In the original version it could block your access to the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer if you let her go.

I’m assuming this time around you won’t lose her if you let the devil go but I don’t exactly want to chance my Acquaintance 22…

I failed to echo key bits of information, and now I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I finished the first case, started a new one, and I’m up to Detective’s Progress 12, but I don’t see a way to end the case. Is 10 or 12 not enough for every case? Am I waiting for an opportunity card to close the case?

Edit: Never mind, the case required 15. Pity I failed to echo that bit of information.

Also, I miss the bold titles in the alt text for opportunity cards.
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I recall a long-ago blog post mentioned that the Implacable Detective was considered to be Fallen London’s Holmes equivalent. Can we safely assume that the Honey-addled Detective is Holmes closer to the canon, who spectacularly failed to adapt to the social order and chemical availabilities of the Neath?

PS: Can confirm that completing the Case of the Absconding Devil in a manner other than delaying the singer doesn’t affect existing Singer Acquaintanceship. Also, either that case gives Case-notes on completion when the others don’t, or Case-notes were added in between my completion of them. Probably the latter, as I also note that wrapping up the case now takes no actions. Peril of completing content early - you miss out on the revised rewards! (Also also: I’m now seeing storylets relating to the old Absconding Devil investigation - presumably a minor bug.)

I see the same: two storylets, even though I’ve completed the case.

Conversely, I have a character that had been working through the Absconding Devil story the classic way, but now appears stuck, as raising Investigating to 5 doesn’t cause the card for the next step to appear.

Could you lob off a bug report to the usual suspects please? support@storynexus.com

Is it possible to free the Starving Artist from Prison?

Cards and the wiki suggest it, however I haven’t heard for certain.