Engaged in Cases

So, how does one become engaged in a case? Failing that, when do we expect we might be able to? All of these recent hints on the connection cards have excited me greatly, but I can’t seem to find a (max level) storylet that will let me start anything.

It looks like to me that the case with the Absconding devil and similar now use this quality rather than investigating/fascinating, possibly to make it a low-level progress quality, so you can’t use other stories and such for them?

One would think so, yes? But I recently played around with testing this with a new alt, but just got the normal progress quality (Venture: Surveillance Contract). =/

I am currently strongly hoping that Engaged in a Case is going to be a sort of Casing for a Watchful Venture shaped like the new Heists _

That would be amazing. It’s too bad there don’t seem to be a lot of people excited about this stuff right now.

I think people are, there just hasn’t been any way to utilize these options on the cards yet (as far as I know). I’m definitely eager to see when these new cases will be available to us. And if this new acquaintance I made with the Mercies will be used for something fun.

The Mercies?

The Mercies?[/quote]

It’s an option on the Tomb Colonist card. You give them a bottle of Broken Giant, and if you succeed you get a quality. “Acquaintance: The Mercies 1 - You’ve ridden with the twin sisters they call the Mercies.” Succeeding on the next option doesn’t increase it, so I’m trying to see if failing the next luck challenge does. If not then I’ll just wait and see what happens.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/7/2012

The Mercies… Does it mean the three sister from Hunter’s Keep? Is that an English adaptation from the greek “Eumenides”, “The kindly ones” (itself a polite euphemysm for Furies)?

Nope, they are twin tomb-colonists. I’m not sure why they’re called the Mercies.

…Now I’ve gotta get that card soon O_o Luckily I’ve got some 10 bottles of Broken Giant from past transactions…

All in all, don’t the training cards actually seem to be well now? I suppose I won’t want to discard them at once now…

They have definitely come a long way. I like it, and will like it even more once we can start working on those cases.

[color=#009900]The experimental Cases stuff (mostly a remix of early content) should be out next week. The content’s ready - we’re just waiting on a bit of tech.[/color]

I’m so happy _

I’m so happy _[/quote]

You’re not the only one, Streetfelineblue.

[color=#009900]This is now live. Do let us know your thoughts - this is an exploration of ways to take the grind out of the grind.[/color]

I tried the Honey-Addled Detective case in Ladybones. First, I used the puzzle piece option on the Court and Cell: The Constables card. I got unlucky (“Loose Lips”), which gave me a total progress of 6 and a noise of 1. After that, I used the puzzle piece option on the Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game card and was lucky (“A Sheaf of Documents”) , which gave me another 10 progress, for a total of 16 progress. Rather suddenly after that, I was moved to a new area called After the Case, where I was informed that I was now acquainted with the Honey-Addled Detective and had received 20 whispered secrets. Then the case was closed, the noise was gone, and for recording the matter in my journal, I received another 10 whispered secrets.

I think that means that I earned 30 whispered secrets in about 4 actions, and in using the two cards, I lost some connection to the Constables and the Great Game. That seems like a low rate of return. But maybe I am misremembering; I am easily befuddled.

(By the way, I appreciated the “Take Me to the Flit” reward after it was all over.)

Ah! Now that I have the acquaintance of the Honey-Addled Detective, I see how this works. New options!

I pursued the poet’s case, using a combination of Complication cards and the Airs of London options from the widow, etc. In approximately eleven actions, I finished the case and earned the reward of gold and absinthe. Seems a decent return, and it’s definitely fun. Thank you for adding this nongrind grind!

[color=#009900]Bear in mind this is a remix of early content. So for those of you who’ve come back to Ladybones Road after time at loftier altitudes, no, the initial cases won’t be big earners. Later on, though…[/color]