Empire's Kingmaker

So I’ve been grinding… and my Empire’s Kingmaker has now reached 1000. Hopefully it’ll be put to good use in endgame.[li]

I’m curious; what are other people’s values in the attribute like? It gives a good feel for how much end-game grinding a player has gone through, and I can’t be the only one with a ridiculously high number.

Mine’s only 883 at the moment.

Spacemarine9 has obtained like 43 abomanible reputation. Myself i havnt really accomplished anything oh so great. 100 connected to the duchess because i keep grinding bohemian in the palace is the only thing i really have high. (( How do i spend it? ))

There’s a few ways you can spend it, but it’s not similar to Calling in Favours with the other connections. At least I don’t remember being able to trade it in for items.

Spacey got that from a certain inadvisable SMEN development; it wasn’t like it took long, just poor decisions (that I plan to make as well).
As for ‘spending’ connections, there’s not a good way to do that for most of them. It’s more of a &quotHey look these people like me&quot or a &quotI want these people to like me for reasons&quot than a money-making scheme.

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Problem is that i absolutely dont need duchess connection. At all. She’s only useful for getting into the court wich ive alredy finished :/

Well, she can take you out of the Tomb-Colonies in no time (I think it’s around 3 CP of Scandal reduction per action). Apart from that, I don’t know - but it doesn’t do any harm either, not having any Opportuniy card linked, it doesn’t hinder you in any way, so you can just leave your Duchess connection as it is ^^

I din’t know that about getting out of the Tomb Colonies, but then I don’t think I have been there since I got my Tomb Lion.

It’s one of the options in the &quotI still have friends&quot storylet, so it’s not dependant on cards. If you have plenty of Connected: The Duchess I’d say it’s worth it, though I tend to always keep a reserve of Duchess connections as I still have access to the Court.

I just don’t get very scandalous and when my Nightmares and Wounds get too high I just go out to Zee and, before the gear change, spent a short time in New Newgate when my suspicion got too high. Actually for POSI menace management I highly recommend the Iron Republic.

I like to keep my Duchess connections high just 'cause I like the Duchess!

My Empire’s Kingmaker is 1370, which I have on my mantel because it is so absurd it amuses me.

Glad to see a fellow ostentatiously high number![li]

My Empire’s Kingmaker is 1475… Back in the day I collected quite a few candles…