Eliminating Quirks

Hi Everyone. I’ve decided on a new project for one of my alts, to celebrate his reaching 200 on every stat - he shall attempt to live a quirkless life. I’m just not sure how to drop all my quirks to zero.

Thanks to the Noman, he’s currently at:

Daring 3
Magnanimous 2
Forceful 3
Steadfast 2
Melancholy 3
Ruthless 3
Subtle 2
Hedonist 1
Austere 3

Now I can reduce some quirks to zero to boost other quirks up to 4, and then knock that quirk down to 2 with the Noman, but that will only take me so far. The Noman cannot touch a quirk that is below 4.

Can anyone suggest ways to reduce them further?


Consorting with Urchins lowers Melancholy without raising any other Quirk.

Looking in the ambition-locked carnival mirror will get rid of one of them too.

Interesting idea! I wonder if it’s even possible since almost all quirk-affecting actions lower one and boost another… but in the name of science, I wish you luck! ;)

Ooh, this is an interesting one! Because, as everyone noted, most Quirk drains at least try to boost another opposed Quirk, the best way to do this is probably to try and consolidate all your points into a single Quirk that you can then find an infinite drain for.

The Ambition mirrors at the Carnival require only [Quirk] 1 in order to drain it, and do not give any offsets, so those are going to be our best bets for the final drain. Depending on your Ambition, this means we’re going to try to consolidate either Hedonist (Heart’s Desire), Subtle (Light Fingers), Ruthless (Nemesis), or Melancholy (Bag a Legend). You’ll take some stat damage in the process, especially during the last few points when your odds of success drop to 30%, but stats are easy to get back without re-gaining quirks.

As it turns out, those four quirks are completely fungible for our purposes, along with Steadfast, between the cards &quotThe vigilant gentlemen in blue&quot (Suspicion 5), &quotWeather at last&quot, and &quotBringing the revolution&quot (Plotting Against the Masters 1), which allow you to trade quirks in an infinite loop of Subtle to Steadfast (&quotLet destiny take its course&quot on Vigilant Gentlemen) to Ruthless to Melancholy (&quotDon’t ask me&quot and &quotFollow your conscience&quot on Revolution) then either back to Subtle (&quotAn opportunity!&quot) or infinitely back-and-forth between Melancholy and Hedonist (&quotSo much has been lost&quot and &quotWell, those clouds are quite pretty&quot). If we can convert our quirks to any one of those, we can ultimately zero them, regardless of Ambition, by playing those cards enough and then taking our business to the carnival mirrors! So the question is how to get Austere, Forceful, Daring, Magnanimous, and Heartless into this vicious cycle.

Since Forceful and Austere are the standard opposed quirks for Subtle and Hedonist, it’s pretty easy to get them involved. Personally I recommend &quotKeep it bloodless&quot while Doing Business in Wilmot’s End for the former, and &quotBuy[ing] drinks for writers&quot on the Bohemians card for the latter; you may have better Austere to Hedonist options available depending on whether you have, for instance, gotten kicked out of Court.

As it turns out, Daring is remarkably hard to lose! The only repeatable action I can find that lowers it is accepting &quotsurprising evenings&quot from a player you’re dating, so you’ll need to have your alt date yourself or someone else who can afford to spend Free Evenings on it. I would also recommend taking advantage of the Noman, if you can boost your Daring up enough to use it again, to lessen the requirement.

That leaves Heartless and Magnanimous. Fortunately, we’ve got a card that can do both of those trades for us: purchase a Winsome Dispossessed Orphan and some laudanum, and when he finds the stuff, &quotGive him a chance to mend his ways&quot will convert Heartless to Magnanimous, and &quotAccuse him outright&quot will turn that Magnanimous into Ruthless.

I hope this helps! Researching all that was a fun and unusual diversion from my normal minmaxing. (I guess this would be maxminning?) Furthermore, this should enable you to remove any further unwanted quirk points you may accidentally acquire.
edited by Jeremy Avalon on 1/15/2016

Wow - thanks guys! Jeremy in particular for the marvelous work in plotting out how to do it. I’ll boost daring as you suggest, and then get the noman to absorb enough to bring it down to 2.

I’ll then set to work on shifting the other quirks into the drain. After that, I need to decide on the tricky subject of marriage. Hmm. How much do my alts love each other…

Sorry for the late reply - didn’t have access to the internet yesterday.

Remember that you don’t need to have your character get engaged in order to accept dates, just Seen With [someone], and you can break that off when you’re done if you don’t want to get them Committed just yet.[li]

Okay, wow, that took a long time. Eventually folded and used fate expeditions to get rid of the last steadfast, and used five coffees to grind down the ruthless (a lot of lucky rolls at ruthless 2 and 1, or I would have needed a lot more).

Now I need to work out how long I’m willing to keep zero quirks for.

Congratulations! Glad I could be of assistance.

Thanks again Jeremy - couldn’t have done it without your guide.

Well, that didn’t last long. Sent Alexis some rats, forgot that it gave magnanimous. Oops.

But it was worth it, right?

Of course! Sending Alexis rats is a civic duty that I take very seriously.

Thankfully Magnanimous is an easy conversion to ruthless, and so into a mirror.