Elephant in the room

So, how bad are SSkies sales?

According to SteamDB its 20-50k. Which is not enough to make it profitable. Ofc, there are other platforms and we dont have numbers.

Its a bad time for indi devs. SSkies is much better than SSea in almost every aspect, but sales are low (AFAIK). Same thing for Pillars of Ethernity. And many other games / series.

What is the next step? New game? DLC? Work with big publisher (like Paradox or THQ)?

The backer updates they put out during dev seemed to indicate that they released ‘much earlier into alpha than they should have’ and that their advertising approach was regrettable. The best thing we can do as a fan-base is review and peddle it as much as we can now that it’s been fully released. I agree with you so hard that it deserves it. I was thrilled to see several major news outlets (Eurogamer, PCGamer, and some high-traffic independents like Rock, Paper, Shotgun) give such positive reviews, I really hope that our work as a fanbase results in some recognition for Failbetter’s incredible achievement here.
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Word of mouth, facebook and twitter, steam reviews on our behalf, and I am sure FB will do more promotional work now that they got positive reviews to work with.

[color=#0066ff]Please don’t worry needlessly about us. Sunless Skies has done well for us so far, and we’re in no danger. We’ll almost certainly make a post talking about how launch went soon, but we’re only a week out and are focusing on bugfixing and performance updates.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]One thing I would love to encourage is reviews, especially on Steam! We need to have a certain volume overall before we’re eligible for the Overwhelmingly Positive rating, which we’re on course to get, and Kickstarter backer and Early Access reviews don’t count towards it. So if you know someone who’s bought it at launch, a nudge would be very helpful![/color]