Element of Dawn

So I made the mistake of selling my element of dawn quite early in the game without knowing it would prevent me from obtaining the best engine, which I could not know as I wasn’t very fond of playing with wiki open. Is there any chance there are plans to implement the item as a quest item or such ? The idea of having to restart the game just to get that one item you really want and can’t because of an early decision seems very punishing.

There might be another way to obtain it after next week.

That said you should get used to dying and starting from scratch, as the game is kind of balanced around it. There’s at least one story you can’t even see without dying once. Don’t restart though, keep playing until this captain dies (if you’re stuck or especially bored with him (or her/it/whatever), kill him off) and play with his heir. In fact,

You should be able to give his heir the Memento Mori even though you already used it.

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Thanks for a quick answer! I’m fully prepared to die should I miscalculate resources or make some other mistake, however past first 2 deaths very early on I did quite well with my current captain and having to restart the game just to get to the &quotendgame&quot doesn’t seem very appealing to me.

BTW can’t use that trick you’ve mentioned :)
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Eh, the Fulgent Impeller isn’t what defines “endgame” anyway. None of my very-endgame captains have made one yet, given that it wasn’t in character for all but one of them to sell an uberweapon to the freaking New Sequencers! And that one was ready to retire right after she did.

I’m sure it’s a nice speed boost, but spamming Full Power with an Avid Suppressor equipped is still pretty fast even if you’re using an Elderly Steeple-Engine on a dreadnought :P

Yeah, there’s really no actual need to have the Impeller.

Anyone had a chance to confirm this: Element of Dawn now available :: Sunless Sea General Discussions

The option is indeed available now. Not sure if it’s vital but my London supremacy is Promising

It also gives supremacy. (Dawn machine, that is.)[li][/li][li]
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The option is available. I haven’t taken it and forgot to check the damn requirements on the speak-to, though, because it was the same action from before but with a new reward added – so I don’t know if it requires supremacy to speak to the Commodore.

It doesn’t require Supremacy to buy the thing, though.

I just started a new captain, sailed direct to the Grand Geode, spoke to the Commodore and unlocked the option. Couldn’t actually -play- it, of course, but it was there - no Supremacy required.

Thanks for the confirmation!