[ELECTION] I'm contributing [N] votes for [C]!

Hi guys! I know that straw polls have a bit of a bum rap in the UK right now after they failed to predict GE2015 and Brexit - but just for fun I’d like to do one anyway! When you feel you’ve completed your election career, tell us who you’ve voted for and how much you’ve contributed to their tally, and I can make and maintain a google sheet so everyone can see how the forums voted!

UPDATE: Current tally HERE

Ganoidyn has pledged their support to the Jovial Contrarian - the Statesman of London! Ganoidyn has been fixing the election behind the scenes, and is contributing a full 20 election career and 7 notability [EDIT: 8 now!] to the Contrarian’s cause, whatever it may be.

Fronkstrog prefers a much more direct approach, and having just gotten enough Notability to be promoted to Murderer, is now contributing 20 + 2 [EDIT: 3 now!] as an Agitator for the cause of Sinning Jenny.[li]
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looks like fun :)

Lady Chiltern will eventually (in about two short stories’ time) contribute 20 votes to the Bishop of Southwark. For God’s Sake!

I’m voting for the…Jovial Contrarian, 20 career as fixer and 4 notability(but im hoping to get to 5 notability before this ends).

Eddy Gale began the election as a Fixer in the Jovial Contrarian’s camp, mainly because they were fond of the chaos it would wrought and the laughs that would bring. Then they started really digging into Sinning Jenny’s campaign. They rather quietly switched camps (though still publicly declare and argue for and against the Contrarian, as is his wont) when they got a look at that secret warehouse.

So 20 + 4 for Sinning Jenny. Might make it to +5 or more though…
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http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Ashë~Perierat 20 + 9 to Jenny as a Fixer, with 9 notability. Likely to rise more before the end of the election.
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Voting for Jenny, 20 levels of Campaigner + 7 notability.

Jenny - Agitator 20; Notability 14

20 Fixer + 15 Notability for Jenny.

I will vote the bishop, contributing 20 Fixer and 12 Notability to the cause. I don’t think he will win (from the beginning Jenny’s victory has seemed all but guaranteed) but I’m loathe to not support him.

Oh, I don’t know! Spacemarine may have swayed quite a few people with his Vote Contrarian call to arms!

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I intend to supply 20 election career (campaigner) + 14 notability to Jenny.

But maybe I can get notability 15 by the 18th. Maybe.

Do update us if you decide to go all the way to 20 :D

I’ve got 3 accounts all supporting different candidates that basically cancel each other out (though the Jenny one has 14 Notability), but my meaningful vote goes to the Contrarian for 20 + 7.

Contrarian, 20+13.

Campaigner for Contrarian. 20 Career + 6 Notability.

20 Career + 11 Notability for Jenny over here.

I’ve currently got 20 career + 8 Notability for Jenny.

Also, I have two alts that will be 1 career + 0 Notability, both for Jenny as well. (Gotta get them boots)
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Me vote went fer 'at luv’ly lass, Jenny!

>Level 20 Fixer + 7 Notability.
(If lucky though, I’ll raise my Notability to 8 tonight.)

Oh, and I have an alt who also went the Jenny route
>Level 19 Agitator.
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Nice idea.

RandomWalker is feeding 35 points to Jenny as a fixer, Stroller is feeding 25 points to the contrarian, although that should reach 29 by the end of the election) as a campaigner, and Third Walker is giving 25 points to Jenny as an agitator. I can’t bring any of my characters to vote for the Bishop - he’s hell-bent, and I don’t think that any of them see that as a good thing. Might change Third Walker’s vote to a losing party, after the mid-term results in.
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