Election 1898 candidate discussion

Unlike last election there is no obvious choice for mayor. So who is everyone supportive and why?

Not since the first election have I been so torn between the candidates - I wouldn’t necessarily be unhappy if any of them were elected, though, at the same time, there are drawbacks to each that prevent me from throwing my lot in with them unhesitatingly. At this point, the Entrepreneur is narrowly edging out the others - his project of artistic transformation is intriguing - but I’m not ruling anything out yet.

I have yet to throw my lot in with any one candidate, but I’m leaning towards the Viscountess. Character wise they’re all very interesting and I’m not terribly opposed to any of their goals, so it comes down to the promise of content priority that predominantly sways me. I’ve been looking forward to more content involving the war behind mirrors since the abrupt conclusion of the Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion story-line. Given the current interactions you can have with the Viscountess in the Viric Jungle, and the sudden addition of the Connected: Fingerkings quality, it seems like that’s the direction Failbetter intend to go with the Parabolan content expansion.

Besides, Palaeontology is quite recent so I don’t mind waiting longer for an expansion to that. There hasn’t been much in the way of serious rubbery content in the past couple years though (as far as I can recall), so I completely understand those who want to see more of them.
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I like Rubbery Men and Rubbery business, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the Entrepreneur would have by far the most entertaining term as mayor.

I am having trouble choosing because all of the candidates are wonderful this year. Each holds the promise of great stories and game content. I am so pleased with all of the attention and effort that Failbetter folks have put into things recently. I haven’t enjoyed the game so much in a long time.

As of now, I am leaning toward the Rubberyness of it all. But the Parabola and Mad Science would be great too. I think, no matter how things turn out, we all win.

I am really enjoying the Candidates this year. I know who Caroline is backing, but it really is just because she is for very specific character reasons, not because anyone seems like a bad choice. I am really enjoying it this time.

I’m leaning towards F. F., with the Entrepreneur as my second choice and so far am not impressed with the Viscountess or her platform AT ALL.

F.F. Gebrandt supports SCIENCE! A museum is an immediate goal, and perhaps dinosaur beasts of burden will follow. A brachiosaurus or two hauling supplies would speed up railway construction immensely. And if tyrannosaurs develop a taste for Masters’ flesh, that could end worries of a sixth city right there!

The Tentacled Entrepreneur supports ART, which is a good thing, as far as it goes. Unfortunately, he oppresses Rubberies himself, which doesn’t bode well for what will happen if he comes to rule humans, too. He is NOT a benevolent leader, and the proof is there for all to see.

The Viscountess supports WAR with the Fingerkings, and doesn’t seem interested in much else. She’s looking to London for cannon-fodder and shock troops. There’s no need for or benefit to her candidacy. She would do better to go back to Parabola and wage her military campaign there now, instead of waging a political campaign here.

We will undoubtedly learn more next week, which is why I’m still not fully committed yet. But from what I’ve heard from the candidates so far, F.F. Gebrandt offers us tangible benefits for the humans of London, the Tentacled Entrepreneur is idealistic in his way, but not a leader to be desired, and the Viscountess is hunting us for use as meat-shields.

That’s my tuppence-worth, as of now.

[EDIT: misnomer.]
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Wrong! The Viscountess wants to help Londoners with stopping the nightmares that plague them and the creatures that possess them!

I should remember mechanics from last year, but don’t. Is a majority (and thus a run-off this year, I bet) required for Victory, or just a plurality?
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Pretty sure it’s a plurality. The past two years, according to the surveys presented by Azothi url=https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzCO_80KRGNNarrBjltti3NKIK7YXVqi7qrPJybTkMHWiMXw/viewanalytics[/url] url=https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdirNa8jKVdYl7WNpvHRdDlJTorqbk1Hlto9Da6khG4KBtI-g/viewanalytics[/url], were fairly one-sided with over 50% of votes going towards the Jovial Contrarian and Virginia, but the two years before that were slightly closer with Sinning Jenny and Feducci winning with less than 50%. Of course those statistics don’t take into account those who only play the game and don’t engage in any external discourse, but it’s something to work off.

Confirmed by official statistics - while Sinning Jenny achieved a majority, Feducci and the Contrarian both won with less than 50% of the vote. (Apologies - I can’t find statistics from the 1897 election.)

Hmmm. That may change my approach. While I want to please my spouse, I’m afraid her relative may have less of a chance than F.F. Gebrandt. Of course, since the pollsters are likely to be wrong, I’m pretty much rudderless and at sea.

I’m leaning towards the Viscountess because Parabola IS a threat. Gerbrandt would be the next best choice - plus she’s human. The Enterpreneur… well, I am not sure he will be able to benefit London at all. But no matter who gets elected, the stories to come seem very promising!

So, the first year’s candidate items were Companions; second were Hats; third were Weapons; fourth were Gloves. Any bets on whether we’ll see Clothing, Boots, or a break from the pattern?

[quote=Diptych]So, the first year’s candidate items were Companions; second were Hats; third were Weapons; fourth were Gloves. Any bets on whether we’ll see Clothing, Boots, or a break from the pattern?[/quote]I think we may already have an idea as to what the items are. The Phantasie of the Sculptress lists an item that is currently unavailable, and given that it requires the shapeling arts it might be safe to assume that it’s related to the Entrepreneur. You can find the other unavailable item in a certain bazaar employee’s nightmare, which is a claw. In the Failbetter post announcing the election, they mention that only one of the items is a hat. It seems they’re shaking things up slightly. The only thing I’m hopeful for is that the election items give us advanced stats like Glasswork, but I’m worried that may influence the vote a little too much.
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I took that to mean that only one of the candidates wears hats. Also, what’s the second unavailable item?

So sorry, I seem to have misread the post! Also, I updated the previous post to be more accurate as to the unavailable items.

I’m intrigued by which railway board members approve of oppose each candidate. Going by what’s on the wiki and what I’ve read in others’ journals…

[ul][li]His Amused Lordship isn’t keen on the Entrepreneur - too much of a social outsider.[/li][li]The Commissioner isn’t fond of F. F. Gebrandt at all - she disrespects the Masters and her inventions are too much of a wild card.[/li][li]The Contrarian seems to favour the Entrepreneur.[/li][li]Virginia doesn’t seem to think highly of F. F. Gebrandt - her concoctions tread on Hell’s toes.[/li][li]The Dean supports the Entrepreneur and F. F. Gebrandt equally - she values both art and science.[/li][li]Southwark favours F. F. Gebrandt, with the Entrepreneur as his second choice - he likes to see Hell’s toes stepped on.[/li][li]St Fiacre’s prefers the Viscountess, followed by F. F. Gebrandt - the Viscountess is feline high society, while the Entrepreneur is, again, an outsider.
[/li][li]Furnace leans toward Gebrandt, with the Entrepreneur a remote second - the Entrepreneur may be Rubbery but he’s still a boss, though he’s at least not an out-and-out aristocrat[/li][/ul]

His Amused Lordship speak highly of the Viscountess when you propose that the board support her campaign.

Same as St Fiacre’s, then. Pair of snobs that they are.