Egg trading, need many batling

So, first, here an RP intro:

*You see a women running around placing posters. While her apparels are very lady-like, she, peculiarly, wear a wooden mask of a bat, one of species unknown in the Neath. The posters, decorated with the image of a flying bat on one corner, read as follow:

The Society for Chiropteran Protection,
sponsored by the Baroness of Bats,
Some of the eggs that have appeared in London,
those to the colors of the zee, and bright as a young mind,
imprison rare batling! We will PAY COMPENSATION
for each that is brought to our sanctuary!

The address of said sanctuary is scribbled at the end.*

So, basically, I need as many as enligtened pelagic eggs as my budget permit me, will repay with free egg of your choice, or legacy egg for 2 eggs sent to me.
Created a forum account just for that!


Not a problem! Pelagic Eggs are available WITHOUT PAYING FATE this year, and enlightening an egg doesn’t cost Fate either, so long as you already have an Augmentation Device.

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as in, a furred or aged one? in return for two enligtened pelagic eggs? are you sure that’s a good deal for you? well, if your still fine with it by 14-15 tomarrow, i’ll be sure to send you said eggs! just one thing: is “the baroness of bats” your charcter’s name? if not, please tell us what it is.

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Hah, sorry, yeah here my profile. Fallen London

And yes, I think it’s a fair deal, unless my egg math is wrong. 1 Ha’penny for the legacy egg itself, and 1 for sending the egg, so 2 pennies spent from me; 2 pennies spent for you to send me two eggs, so 2 penny from each side. Why you would want an enlightened or aged egg this year is not for me to question. Anyway, I’m pretty sure my math are solid, but if I messed up please tell me!

Also, as a note, I tend to have memory troubles, so if you send me an egg, and I forgot to send you one back, please poke me about it. You can poke me with a (gloved) finger, a stick found on the ground, or a fossilized bone, but not a walking cane.


oh! i, ah…i did not know that cost pennies. i’m afraid i’m out of thouse.

Ah, no problem! First Whitsun, I guess? Me too! Miss it last year, unfortunately.


yea :sweat_smile:

(“it’s a giant…mushroom…mAyBE it’S FRIENDLY!”)