Efficient Wine Grinding Help Needed

I like to initially apologize if there is another thread that this should fall under, but I had a hard time finding the appropriate thread that a topic like this would fall under.

Now onto my predicament. I am conducting a slightly crazy project, but I need some advice on how to better achieve the ends that I want. My goal is to hoard: 10,000 Greyfields 1882, 5,000 Morelways, 2,500 Strangling Willow, 1,250 Broken Giants, and 625 Cellars of Wine (I am not continuing this pattern into Airrag’s since I would like to keep my sanity). I already have 126 CoW, and my plan is to build up the amounts I need starting from CoW and working backwards.

My question is a simple one, but due to my inexperience with efficient grinding, I do not know the answer. I need to know if there is an efficient way to build up my stock of wine other than repeatedly doing the unfinished business option in Ladybone’s Road? Currently I am just a mere 475,000 Greyfields 1882 away from my goal, or around 5.3 months of 60 actions per day (closer to 6 months if you count conversions).
I have already done the calculations and figured out that if I work from Greyfields 1882, and up-convert them in mass, I shave off over 50,000 Greyfields needed to reach my goal (already represented in the 475,000 needed). While this does save me on the resource side, it is intensive on the action side (around 1245 actions just to upconvert the T1 and T2 stock). Is there a better option that saves me on resources and actions (and thus time) since I only need to end with 10,000 Greyfields 1882?

Any help would be appreciated in this matter. It would be a crime to not appreciate, considering the time some of the long-term players have put into just learning to grind efficiently and brutally (looking at the person in the rather-plush corner with a hepta-goat).
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I’m coincidentally doing the same thing you are, in fact! Though my end goals are higher. You’ll want to convert the 1882 into Morelways, but after that you should use the Affair of the Box for Strangling Willow Absinthe. Then you’ll have a choice on whether you want to continue using the AotB for Strangling Willow Absinthe to convert into Broken Giant or if you want to go to the Velocipede Squad to get the Broken Giant directly. If you’re on the Revolutionary side I would recommend sticking with the AotB. Then of course you’ll just need to convert up again into Cellars of Wine.

[li]What option should I pursue on Affair of the Box exactly. I have only done the a little bit on that side of the game, but if it requires kingsmaker, I believe I should be set. Unfortunately my character does not side with the revolutionaries unless it is absolutely dire, like I had to do when I wanted to open a salon (my character actually sides with the masters on most matters and secretly aids the devils whenever they have the chance).
[li]Also this is a slightly late response, I took a few days off the game to clear my mind after grinding so much wine.

It’s fine if you’re sided with the Masters for the Affair of the Box - getting the Absinthe you need just requires you to go through the cycle repeatedly. That option doesn’t require Kingmaker, but it’s on the same reward storylet as the Mourning Candles that do. I just brought up the Revolutionary side since you’ll get Correspondence Plaques as you go through it as an extra bonus.

You use 15 actions to get 7 Broken Giant. I just did some math comparing it to the Affair of the Box and it’s certainly worse, but getting it directly saves my Church connections from getting drained down very quickly.