Economic Changes

Like many I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all of the recent changes, but it seems like the economy of FL has dramatically changed. Before I used to spend most of my time trading favours and doing other > 2.5e opportunity cards, with silken expeditions thrown in when sufficient docks favours were accumulated. Now with a reliable 3.125e grind available in the Bone Market, that renders almost all favour trading fairly inefficient. I suppose the exceptions are revolutionaries now that Trading in Favours in the Flit has become Frequent and docks still for Silken expeditions. I’m not seeing much utility in generally flipping opportunity cards when background grinding these days. Does that seem right? I also hear tell of 1000e skeletons being cashed out (though with some restrictions now). Seems like a new normal to adjust to, but not sure I like the devaluation of opportunity cards generally.

Apparently a good grind is now higher than 2.5, which makes me feel old and wonder what happened to the days of 2 EPA being good. As for Opportunity Cards, pulling the Docks to get Favours for Silken Thread is extremely good and can raise the EPA of that grind to nearly 4. A lot has changed, to say the least. Would you like access to a Doc that has the popular grinds listed and explained?

Thank you for the offer, but I’ll probably wait a month or two until tweaking settles down to worry about the new optimal grind. :)

What brought up this concern was that I just drew a Polite Invitation (before recently: &quotfavours! yay!&quot) but then I thought, oh wait, favours are kind of useless now, don’t bother with that. (The chances of getting a docks favour are too small to bother with that one.) In fact flipping opportunity cards has always been among the more optimal reliable means of EPA (so they represent an opportunity cost when hanging out in the Lab or the Court), but now that would seem to be less the case and it just sort of makes hanging out in London proper…unsatisfying now. The opportunity costs are now potentially in playing opportunity cards instead of camping out in some obscure place, and most cards are now &quotannoyances&quot (how many yield > 3.125 epa?). It just feels different somehow.
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One of the best grinds is resetting your deck so you can pull more cards, actually. Invitations are also good for Personal Recommendations, which have found a lot more use recently.

What are some methods for resetting the deck?

Entering and exiting your Lab, entering and exiting Parabola (this one might have changed), entering and being kicked out of a Flash Lay.

The last of those requires careful monitoring of scandal and three items; I’ve switched to the lab as being easier and cheaper.

I remember when the gold standard was the Boxful of Intrigue, at 1.64 EPA. There were other ways to make money, but they either relied on cards, or required you to leave London (and thus miss out on profitable cards).

Entering and exiting your Lab, entering and exiting Parabola (this one might have changed), entering and being kicked out of a Flash Lay.[/quote]

Returning from Arbor also resets your deck.

Does anybody have any guidance on the best skeleton parts to use for Bessemer Steel? I’m interested in the Railway content but I find there’s just so many moving parts and so much to keep track of in just building the right skeleton that I’ve engaged with it less than I would otherwise like.

I just throw all the most expensive parts I have onto a skeleton with at least one point of Antiquity. That’s been my basic strategy for all the resources that you get by selling skeletons.

>>>favours are kind of useless now, don’t bother with that.

Not exatly. Many new grinds and options are not 100% success. So we are getting considerable amount of menaces. As everybody (?) knows the best way to clear menaces is social actions, e.g. -6 cp of menace per action. So value of 1 cp of menace is (negative) 1/6 of value of your base grind. With base grinds improving EpA (negative) value of menaces rises too. For example, if in good old days your base grind was 1.5 EpA, 1cp of menace was -0.25e. Nowadays 3.5 EpA is no big deal and menaces cost rises up to -0.6e. And EpA for conflict cards with menace reduction (church vs devils, constables vs rubbery, constables vs criminals, etc) rises too.
Also dont forget church vs great game conflict card with 4 second chances.
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