Echo Bazaar User Script

I’ve mentioned previously that @kaanyia wrote a script which would allow one to see the pre-reqs for a storylet without having to mouse over. He has updated the script to support Chrome and removed the item acquisition tips to keep the list of prerequisites clean and uncluttered(the acquisition tips can still be viewed in the mouseover text.) Users of the previous version can click the install button again to have their copy updated.
If you are a mobile or tablet user, or if you simply prefer the old interface, I highly recommend this script, which can be downloaded here:

Please note this script was written solely by @Kaanyia and Failbetter Games is not responsible in any way for it’s content, upkeep or support. It is also possible the script may interfere with future Echo Bazaar updates. If it does, it will either be mended or it can be easily removed.

My thanks to Nigel for the free publicity.

The user script has been updated to version 3 to work with the new domain. It may be downloaded at the same location as before:

Users of the old version can just click the install button again to have their copy updated.

This works in Opera as well, though you have to manually save it to your userjs folder.

The script is now updated to work with the new domain. The new version may be found at the same location: Dance Party seems to be down at the moment/often has a heavy load…

there is a mirror site

I have been absent from the game for a little while, but I’m checking things out again and have noticed that my script is out of date. It was sorta kinda working but the output was not pretty.

I have updated it to work a little better.

The old Userscripts website is gone and I can’t update the mirror site, so I am having it hosted here now:

Would it be possible to add the script as an official extension in Chrome? They won’t let you use it anymore otherwise

I’ve created a new version of script with the similar functionality for the current version of Fallen London:

(original script was broken since the release of site redesign).