Echo Bazaar statistics

Hey delicious friends, I was just doing a bit of research for an exam and stumbled upon’s statistics on ( - keep in mind that this is for all subdomains, not just Echo Bazaar, though it accounts for almost 75% of the visitors).

Apparantly Norwegian people make up the second largest visitor group at over 20% of the sites visitors (beaten only by the UK itself at about 29%) and the most frequent visitor is a female in the age range 18-24.
There’s a lot of other “fun facts” on the site, so if this kind of stuf interests you can check out the link., these were just a few that cought my eye.
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More Norwegians than Americans… that’s really interesting! But how reliable are these statistics? (never heard of before)

My professor used the site as a reference in a lecture, so I’m counting on it to be relatively reliable.
Information like the visitor’s country is, to my knowlege, fairly easy to obtain (unless they’re masking it of course, but I think it’s safe to say that most Echo Bazaar users propably aren’t). Anyway it’s a company making their living by providing statistics and analysis of these statistics for other sites, so I’m guessing their work has to be of a certain standard in order to keep the buissines running.
However next to most of the numbers there’s a confidence marker saying medium, so there may be some uncertainty/margin of error.
All in all though I’d say that it gives you at least a good general idea of failbetter’s visitors.

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How interesting! And odd, as an American, to discover as well. Although I do fit the age and gender demographic. I wonder what percentage of EBZ users choose the “none of your business” gender option that the game so thoughtfully offers?

Well, if you are most keen on deducing the answer yourself, KatarinaNavane, then I would gladly enlist my own particulars for your most thoughtful survey. I am a gentlecreature of a devilish nature, but of which gendercreature, who could say?

Or, perhaps it is more fair to say sexcreature, as gender is an option most entirely different in meaning.

I am curious to learn of those among us who have… children. I dare say I am (gladly!) without!

So, the average EB player is an 18-24 year-old Norwegian female? Where can I meet her? ;-)

I’d start in Norway.

As someone with a close proximity to Norway I can attest to this, you know how swedish girls has a reputation of being… well, gorgeous? oh boy, you aint seen NOTHING yet, norwegian girls can melt a glacier!

I am very amused with the high percentage of Norwegian, it being the country next door for me. As neighbour countries, of course we have teasing but ultimately good-natured jokes and stereotypes about Norwegians, all of which can now apply to Fallen Londoners:

Why do Fallen Londoners go outside during a thunderstorm?
They think they are being photographed

How many Fallen Londoners does it take to screw in a lightbuld?
One, he stiks the bulb in the socket, drink a glass of Bottled Oblivion and wait for the world to start spinning.

How do you sink a submarine in the Unterzee?
You swim down and knock on it.
How do you sink it again?
You swim down, knock on it and they will open just to say “Oh no, we’re not falling for that one again!”

Actually, I should create a thread specifically for Echo Bazaar-jokes if there isnt already one, but in which forum does it belong?