Eater of Names

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’ve been trying to find the Eater of Names. Is there a way to get it to spawn? I have been searching around the Gant Pole and the Celonate.

The location is correct, but the Eater is rare. Save when you’re at the Chelonate port, quit the game, and restart. Usually works at the second or third try ;)

The Eater of Names is absolutely terrifying to fight since it’s nearly impossible to dodge completely and constantly, be careful and make sure to have a formidable ship when facing it.

It won’t quite kill a corvette if you use a top-deck-gun and the Memento Mori (and have good aim). But it did knock my Brazen Hussy down from 200 hull to like 40…


I took it on with a merchant cruiser… big mistake, lack of firepower is really punishing.