Eater of Names?

So the only First Curator Neathbow color I still need is Gant. I’m trying to find the Eater of Names so I can get that and for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere. Where does this thing hang out?

I do realize I can get the Gant curio through the Chapel of Lights but I’d rather not go that route. I know it must be possible to find this zee monster! A little help?

i think i read somewhere that you have to burn down the tree of ages during the Nativity storyline to make it spawn. can anyone confirm?

also this:
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There’s supposedly also an option for Gant in Frostfound.

Oh, I haven’t finished the Nativity line. Maybe I’ll try that.

I could try Frostfound again but I must have used 70 zee-stories/tales of terror/memories/etc during my first go-through to get the Engineer’s Secret. My skills only give me like a 20% of success on the checks and it sure seemed like that 20% success only happened 10% of the time.

Heh, I just took the hit to my stats after the first room or two. Frostfound is pretty intense.

It has a 20% chance of spawning in the Chelonate
Gamefile says:
&quotName&quot : &quotChelonateEaterOfNames&quot,
&quotSpawns&quot : [{
&quotSpawnName&quot : &quotEaterOfNames&quot,
&quotPosition&quot : {
&quotX&quot : 1177,
&quotY&quot : 321
&quotRadius&quot : 300,
&quotMaxSpawnPopulation&quot : 1,
&quotDiscoveryValue&quot : 20,

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20% of spawning when? What causes the 20% chance to fire? If its just at game start…

Most beasties spawn at game start or a while after they’re no longer at MaxSpawnPopulation, I think.

I’ve poked a little further, and it seems like discoveryvalue is the fragment reward for first finding them (which would make more sense), since the jillyfleur outside the salt lions has a value of 20.

Looking into the spawns files, there’s no eater in the spawn_import, so I’m guessing it’s not actually in this patch. But this is what it would be, were it in

[spoiler]&quotName&quot: &quotEaterOfNames&quot,
&quotHumanName&quot: &quotEater of Names&quot,
&quotNeutral&quot: false,
&quotDescription&quot: null,
&quotPrefabName&quot: &quotFierce/Ships/EaterOfNames&quot,
&quotDormantBehaviour&quot: &quotWandering&quot,
&quotAwareBehaviour&quot: &quotHuntingPlus&quot,
&quotHull&quot: 700,
&quotCrew&quot: 77,
&quotLife&quot: 0,
&quotMovementSpeed&quot: 12,
&quotRotationSpeed&quot: 0.6,
&quotBeastieCharacteristicsName&quot: &quotGenericShip&quot,
&quotBeastieCharacteristics&quot: null,
&quotCombatAttackNames&quot: [&quotDeckSalvo06&quot,
&quotCombatItems&quot: [],
&quotStartCombatEventId&quot: 0,
&quotPacifyEventId&quot: 182154,
&quotKillQualityEventId&quot: 153582,
&quotLootPrefabName&quot: &quotCrates&quot,
&quotGleamValue&quot: 0,
&quotParentSpawnPoint&quot: null

note that the glorious dreadnought has 05 level attacks, and this has 06
And it’s slower than the GD, but turns a LOT faster (14/0.6 respectively)[/spoiler]
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Somebody said they’d seen it, though. A case of “manually delete some files to force redownload of properly up-to-date ones”?

Hrm. Perhaps they’re running an old version? I’ve been hanging around the Chelonate a LOT (as you know ; ) and haven’t seen it.

Ok, can anybody confirm they’ve seen the Eater of Names in the last, oh, 5 days? Should be easy enough to confirm.

Oh yeah, there was that person who uploaded a picture to the wiki and started the Eater of Names stub – they’ve seen it. Either it’s ultrasuperrare or there’s some Shenanigans going on.

edit: Eater of Names - Official Sunless Sea Wiki
they might have been holding on to the screenshot and info from earlier before, but the page was created this Saturday only.
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I definitely saw it after release. However, there are a few other pre-release bugs hanging out in the latest steam build (Salt Lions Port Report zero-ing Admiralty’s Favour for one, no map labels near Port Carnelian, etc.), so maybe something got reverted by accident? I haven’t seen Blue Prophets or Behemoustaches recently (since about the 10th) either.
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Ditto here, nothing but Mt Nomad.

Nope, never seen it, it’s on my “rumoured but not confirmed” list.

So, there was just an update. As a test, I deleted all my datafiles, so I could be sure they’d update properly. There’s definitely, 100% no way to spawn the eater at the moment. It’s simply not in the files that the game loads.

That is really weird, because just today, somebody updated the Eater of Names wiki page with new information about the post-battle interactions. Maybe they just have an older version and aren’t updating with the story updates.

Huh. For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen the Eater spawn, or a Behemoustache, or a Blue Prophet.

Yeah, a lot of spawn points seem to be spawning the wrong thing entirely, as far as I can tell; Blue Prophet spawns seem to produce Jillyfish, what purports to be Tree of Ages one spawns Tyrant-Moths, some other things. But I have heard reports of people murdering Blue Prophets and gathering their Royal Blue Feathers, so I don’t really know what’s actually the deal.