Eat your crew!

Hi all,

So I’ve invented an immensely fun character (Captain William J. Krunche) who is a veteran and does not turn his nose up at having to devour his delicious friends when necessary. But is there any reason in the current build to not do this? As in: are there opportunities for those who have resisted the crimson pull of the tenderest of meats? It seems those who succumb (or are uplifted, depending on perspective) have opened to them a huge number of story options versus those who have not. The only reason to remain pure, it seems, is so terror doesn’t increase. Have I overlooked something?

As far as I’m concerned, the only reason the Dread has such a large crew is to pack away extra man-shaped snack-packs for those especially long monster-hunting voyages. You’d think I’d earn a reputation; apparently what happens at zee stays at zee.

I salute you, good sir. Would be a wee bit apprehensive at the notion of working along side you but still…

It depends on what you mean. We probably need to add that card to the wiki (the one where you run out supplies), but I think it’s mostly harmless.

If you’re very hungry, though, you could always cruise past the Kingeater’s Castle. Crew Eating: Extreme Edition is available down there.

edit: I think I see what you’re asking - is there stuff which is only available if you don’t enjoy the odd nibble on a crew member? Not sure. I haven’t found anything, although probably there’s something buried somewhere.
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Primarily I’m referring to certain storylets that only open (such as the Give Nightmare to Well option in the Chapel of Lights) only if you’ve acquired the Unaccountably Peckish quality. It would be interesting if there were an opposing quality that would only be open to captains who resist the temptation. So far, I haven’t encountered anything like that, nor have I seen anything on the wiki. Thought I’d bring it up on the forums to see if any other zee-captains have encountered something like it (a storylet that is locked if one has the Unaccountably Peckish quality) but there doesn’t seem to be any.

Edit: Wait, no. It’s in the wiki. And not that amazing. It’s part of the father’s bones quest, and there’s a similar outcome if you’re tainted. Sorry.
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Alas. Thanks for the footwork though. Perhaps they’ll add more at another time.

Am I to understand that this means we have the choice to eat dad’s bones? Because that’s an option I’d be more than interested in taking – Failbetter, make it happen!

LMAO, now here’s a reason for dragging around more than half the max crew count!

But yeah, they should expand the Unaccountably Peckish stories further, since it’s one of the more interesting stuff in the zee. Like is there any more stories after you get it to quality 10 in Kingeater’s Castle? And so far, as we all know, there’s no exclusive stories for captains that have resisted it.

I swear I came across some story options that were only available because I had not succumbed to temptation…

as I said, I skimmed the file pretty quickly.
I only saw 2 options where it said “maxlevel: 0”. There were a few with minlevel: 4, as I recall. Nothing with anything above 5.

The Unaccountably Peckish quality 0 options were probably the ones that’s used to get it up to quality 1, like the one in the funeral in Adam’s Way that needs a veil check.

I did a little more thorough investigation, and yep, that’s one of two. The other option is related to your father’s bones, and mildly changes the potential outcome of that ambition.

[li]You have a point, though – currently, there’s little reason not to be a cannibal. Even Piracy and shooting through islands (what if someone lives on them?) are considered too unethical for most captains, yet devouring your own sailors seems to have little downside. I wonder if such decisions are going to &quotbranch out&quot at all in future updates, like they do in Fallen London…

Well Unaccountably Peckish has very few drawbacks in Fallen London if you don’t… seek them out. (and even that isn’t possible right now)