Easy Judgement Eggs

Note: this only works on a map where it will take you less than a minute to get from Fathomking’s Hold to a Beachcombing site (Aestival or Mangrove College)

Step 1: Acquire SAY ≤ 25
Step 2: Make your way to Fathomking’s Hold
Step 3: Talk to The Fathomking with one Zee-Ztory and your SAY
Step 4: Do the &quotWitness and Execution&quot action
You should now have SAY = 100
Step 5: Go to nearest Beachcombing location, making sure to never spend over 60 seconds without docking at a port
Step 6: Comb said beach
Step 7: Do the &quotSomething Softly Shining&quot action
Step 8: Profit

This is just a good way to get some easy Judgements Eggs, I did this myself when I needed two of them but I didn’t want to waste secrets in Irem as I was trying to finish The Zong of the Zee. Happy Beachcombing to the lot of you!

It might just be possible with a light ship and the Impeller, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

You also can beachcomb in Mangrove cottage as well, which could easily be accessed within a minute depending on what map you are given. A more constant solution would be fluke farming though, if your pages is high enough.

I recently had a map where the FK was right next to Aestival, i could just sail right up and out of Lorkinsport and to the east and BAM Judgements Eggs. I used it to get the Memento Mori and the Brisk Campaigner.


Wait, what? You can control/see what your SAY value is?

Yes, check out this page on the wiki: Something Awaits You - Official Sunless Sea Wiki

Certain messages in the log correspond to certain values

Oh! Much like in Fallen London, I should have realised. Thanks!

Some of those messages appear in multiple values. That makes Egg searching annoying at times.
11 has the same message as 90
55 has the same message as 100

Yes, but doing the “Witness an Execution” action always gives you the 100 value.