Out at sea, there’s a locked placeholder to head east. I know there’s no timeline for when that will be added to the world, but has FB given any hints thus far as to what that will eventually include?

After Sunless Sea, I’d love the opportunity to further explore Aestival, the Empire of Hands, and the Mangrove College.


Presumably, it refers to going fully East a la the Exaltation ambition. (For actual locations, the locked Pillars destination is probably Irem.)

Interesting. I finished a few different ambitions but never that one.


That would be because Exaltation is an endgame ambition in Sunless Sea. It has a roughly SMEN-esque progression, but not as long or destructive, and ends with your Captain sailing into the uttermost East. What actually happens there is unclear since I haven’t done it yet.