Early game quick grinding? (minor spoilers)

I seem to have stumbled upon a place to quickly grind Dangerous, at least to a certain point: the Three Rings in Watchmaker’s Hill. the Ring of Meat, the Ring of Roses, and the Painted Ring. If your Dangerous quality is less then 60, 70, and 80 respectively, you’ll gain a massive amount of CP to it if you win a fight at one of the rings. 21 CP for the Ring of Meat, 26 CP for the Ring of Roses, 30 for the Painted Ring.

You can exploit this by using gear to stifle yourself to the exact number below the cutoff, I.E. 59, 69, and 79. This way, you still have an almost-certain victory, but you just barely qualify for the boon to Dangerous.

I have to wonder, are there similar things in other places, for Shadowy and Watchful and such things?

Forgive me if I’m bringing up old, well-known tricks. I’ve never heard of this before, and nothing on the wiki nor the forums seems to make any mention of this.

Yep, that’s a known method, though fairly obscure and often forgotten. I haven’t heard of any similar methods for the other stats, but I had forgotten this one, so.

Someone should really make a guide for grinding stats at all levels. Usually people discuss grinding in an endgame context, as the common advice for lower level characters is to gain stats by playing stories. (Especially since the Making Your Name trackers were introduced, as before that most content was locked by stat levels.) That’s not as helpful in the context of Seeking though.

One decent way to grind stats at any level is using social actions to acquire Second Chances, then exchanging those for stat gains. You might be able on here or through the Discord server willing to exchange social actions in bulk. There’s definitely lots of people willing to send one or two. If you want to grind Persuasive specifically, look for an Exceptional Friend specifically–there’s a social action in the House of Chimes that gives three Confident Smiles per action.

You can also raise stats more efficiently during regular content by changing your gear to optimize the difficulty. Different success chances give different amounts of stat gain, as listed here.

(Is an Exceptional Friend who would be more than willing to help Mr Flatfoot with his extremely admirable insane quest to see every single piece of Seeking lore by cavorting in the House of Chimes, should large Persuasive gains be needed.)

It’s &quotMiss Flatfoot,&quot please. Or &quotDoctor Flatfoot,&quot if you’ll indulge that silly story I told the urchins. Ah, the memories…

I would appreciate any assistance on my extremely insane quest (and apparently admirable?) to see all that can be seen. But it would be better to discuss this elsewhere; the topic here is early grinding, not my quest.

My deepest apologies, Doctor. Your silhouette appeared masculine to my casual glance, although of course I should not have assumed, especially as a lady who spent large amounts of her teenage years being called “sir” by waiters who assumed that a true Southern girl would not be tromping about in formless hiking clothes.

I would in general like to make myself available to those who would like to try the “many second chances” method of levelling, especially as I have several Ambition-pursuing alt accounts who need to level up very quickly so they can become Persons of Some Importance and buy ships (d–n you, person hiding in the Iron Republic!)."

I have done nothing but perform magic tricks for the Topsy King for three days. If you can make me more Shadowy at a faster pace, you will do me a wonderful service.

Really, I could stand to be more of… everything, truth be told. Even my Watchfulness, magnificent though it is, is not nearly enough for what I require.

You can also use stat-increasing inventory to exploit Faction cards. Every Faction Card allows you to spend Favours to increase one of your stats, and they all have a &quotlow stat&quot (<70, needing 3 Favours) and &quothigh stat&quot (>71, needing 5 Favours) option which earn different amounts of CP. If you can use your inventory to raise your stat to 71+ and unlock that option on the Faction card, you’ll earn a larger amount of CP than if you used the low <70 stat option.

This is only useful if your stats are lower than 70, though.
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