Early Access Thoughts?

What are everyone’s thoughts on getting early access? That is, do you all think that seeing the barebones version of the game will add to or detract from the final experience when the full version comes out? Anyone have any fond memories/regrets from Sunless Sea’s EA? Just looking for some thoughts here. Thank you all.

sunless sea was awfully inacessible before they added port reports. i’m hoping the early game won’t be as cripplingly hard as that

I’m having such a hard time deciding whether I should jump in right now or wait for the most intense complete experience. I’m also a little bit worried that my hunger will be fully satisfied before the official release and I won’t have the urge to play it.

But on the other hand, look how the game looks!
edited by Pan Tofel on 8/29/2017

I’ve never done an Early Access before, so this seems like a good way to both gauge whether I like them and help out a game I’m excited about.