Ealing Station

I might be overestimating my clout here in the Failbetter forums, but would you all kindly place anything about the ventures at Ealing under this thread? The &quotRailway is Here&quot is getting really crowded, especially with people posting things about skeleton-building there too.

That said, there had been just-recent updates to Bone Market content - very good updates. Therefore, please post anything about the entertainingly cadaverous and osseous scamming in the Bone Market thread.
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[quote=Diptych]Good heavens but there’s a lot of new content at Ealing. There are a number of development opportunities, some mutually exclusive, and all requiring scrip. You might want your thread to cover more than just butchery.

Also, it offers both the chance to improve one’s maximum Dangerous, and a bear in an ill-fitting hat.[/quote]

Thanks, Diptych!

I already posted this in the railway thread but I’ll do it here too.

You can build a statue to multiple different parties in Ealing. If you’re a Poet Laurate, you can build one to yourself. And if you have gotten a statue via the Jack questline, then building said Poet-Laureate Statue will actually say something along the lines of “This isn’t your first statue”, and then boost the appropriate quality.

I gave a certain device to the butcher - is there any way to undo this ?

I have the echo for building the watchtower with the boatman’s lantern. It’s fate locked and can’t go on the wiki, but some people might be interested in it.




(Golden-bordered opportunity card.)

Edit: If I’m understanding the follow-up correctly, this leads into the Dangerous equivalent for Scholar of the Correspondence / Poet Laureate.

Also Mithridacy cap increase is available back in London. Big FYI for y’all: Meritorious. You’ll know what I mean when you get there.
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There is so much new content!!!
I’m very glad we can get all the new bones without killing the animals.
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They also have +2 BDR Cloak and Gloves available for sale! Each is quite costly though, 800 scrip

I believe they’re actually -2 BDR total. But, they give +2 to a specific stat, which is useful for the Bone Market.

FYI you can obtain scrip by selling stuff through the not-Bazaar. I just dumped my inventory of Cartographer’s Hoards.

[quote=PSGarak]I believe they’re actually -2 BDR total. But, they give +2 to a specific stat, which is useful for the Bone Market.

FYI you can obtain scrip by selling stuff through the not-Bazaar. I just dumped my inventory of Cartographer’s Hoards.[/quote]

I stand corrected!
The stat can’t go below zero, though, so theoretically they might work as +2 BDR… if you manage to assemble a set of BDR items completely devoid of that one letter which they’re minimizing.

The clothes options sound pretty good. I managed to eke out 15 Dreaded for the Bone Market, but I missed out on some of the more specialized Whitsun gear and I’d like to be able to sell to the Ambassador or Entrepreneur as well.

I know that you can set up a statue on Ealing Station, but do you think you can eventually set up different statues for different stations? I’m asking because it would seem weird to have so many options for statues, but to limit to just the initial station.

That seems totally plausible to me.

Oh wow… fellow wiki editors had been editing the wiki for the past several hours, and it is a whole lot of stuff! Also, the bear with honey-glazed eyes and a fez. Hilarious.

Hopefully there’s some more lore behind the Neathy ursine - like the Bears were prototypes of the Tigers.

You can give the bear back to the urchins for 5 of the new trophy things needed to advance dangerous. You also get an Urchin favor and some others items, but I can’t remember them at the moment.
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Once you give the butcher the device for duplication of bones, does that lock all of the options labeled as “unlocked by not having any Revisions to the Business Model of a Butchery”?

They get replaced by new options. The new options no longer take away the animal you’re butchering, but instead cost Bone Fragments and Warm Amber. Note that in some cases that may lock you out.

Thanks for bringing that up! I will have my characters scoot over to their labs to make a copy.
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Alright, some of my fellow editors have gone into the revision of the butchery practice rather early.

If they don’t have spare characters to get down to bloody business, or they don’t want to do that, I will have my characters do those.

Also, prior to this, I have wondered if Failbetter is aware that there may be emotionally sensitive vegans among players. Well, I wonder no more.
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Yeah, I was wondering whether butchering animals would be required to proceed, but they made it so you can harmlessly extract bones.

FWIW, I was asking precisely because I didn’t want to lock myself out of trying the basic options, so I haven’t given him the bone duplication device yet, I can fill in more gaps in the non-revised butchery.

…but not for a while, I ran out of items and things to butcher and went back to london and am doing a big round of acquiring all sorts of things before heading back to Ealing.