Ealing Gardens, pies, and Mrs Plenty

I just had a thought…considering this has been in the game for awhile, I’m surprised that we can’t bring Mrs Plenty herself onto the board. I mean, she’s a highly successful businesswoman, and this would help us get pies for the company pie stand as well.

Personally I’m more disappointed that stale biscuits and stanky pies are apparently the ONLY food you are allowed to supply your workers with, despite the abundance of feasts saved from various other events I own and the fact that back in the time of the old social actions Londoners were perfectly capable of going to the market and buying some groceries, not to mention the replenishing supply of dear marrow you can crank out or all the beasts you can hunt in Parabola.

You can prepare a more sumptuous feast for your workers at Station VIII

No one complains about the sausage Caroline gives hers.

Thank God for spices! Especially nutmeg. With all the spices, the sausage no longer tastes anything like rat!

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler would be proud of them. :D