Duty Free Stores

Tonight i happened to be reading through this wikipedia page: Duty-free shop - Wikipedia

It is full of some rather odd ideas.
Across our world, there are many places where, due to certain legal loopholes, people can shop tax free under certain conditions, and have access to a broad variety of both local and exotic goods.

The exact conditions vary, but are often unusual, unintuitive, and often a bit illogical.

For example:

Some shops exist that allow duty free purchases, but only by passengers who are about to leave the country
In japan, there are shops that allow duty free purchases only for people who’ve been in the country less than a certain period of time
In the philippines, a mall sells a wide variety of exotic goods, but only to people who are currently arriving in the country. It therefore becomes a custom to visit it upon disembarking from the plane, before going anywhere else

Some of these seem like they could be the right kind of esoteric conditions to fit into a failbetter game. Similar in tone to things like the Roser’s Market of old, and the current bargain/prospect system.

Imagine for example, a duty free shopping area built inside transit relays, which you can only visit after paying for transit but just before departing.
Or a port where you can shop immediately on arriving only, and can’t easily re-enter
edited by Nanako on 7/20/2018