Duplicate Cards In Hand

I did not think you could get duplicate cards in your hand at the same time. I just drew three cards into my 5-card hand which was previously populated with two cards. Of the three new cards, two of them were the same card: “Visions of the Vake” which is only drawable when your ambition is Bag a Legend and you are in steps 25-31 of this ambition. I show a screen shot of this below.

Quick visit to the Wiki shows that there are 3 variations of this card.


Well, darn. I thought I had discovered a bug. Oh well. Thanks for explaining the three subtly different cards, skinnyman.

A pair? I’ll raise you…


Well I don’t know, have you’ll ever drawn the same cards 5 times in a row? And the card was the manager’s card? And you failed the “ignore him” option all five times?

Honestly I think it’s pretty funny how much I draw him, like he’s pestering me about the HD honour.

bursts through a house’s wall

“HELLO BUDDY! I Know your busy with your railway and stuff BUT GET TO IT ALREADY GOD DAMN IT!”

Please pardon my ignorance but which is the “manager’s card”?

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“a merry gentlemen” and, in this instance, “is he here too? Even here?

That’s a Ubiquitous card. You’re going to keep drawing it over and over. If you don’t want to draw it, keep it in your hand.

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Oh, I know, it’s fine. I’m just amazed at the bad luck of drawing it the entire deck.

I wouldn’t even call it luck. It’s ubiquitous, and the deck isn’t that big. If it’s in your deck and not your hand, you can assume you’re about to draw it.


Oh! In my defense, this never happened to me before. Thank you two for informing me, it’s very appreciated/genuine

anidiot: I’m troubled by nightmares.
friend 1: Oh no!
friend 2: Oh no!
friend 3: Oh no!
Merry Gentleman: OH YEAH!!


Yeah, basically :joy: :sweat_smile:


Once I drew the same card thrice in a row, which I suspected was because I drew them all in quick succession (though not simultaneously). I suppose the Bazaar’s grace of fortune is still notoriously runny, even in the opportunity deck.

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