Dump your Menaces on me.

[li]Edit - Oh well not much interest, only one person. Ive used it now. Hopefully can offer this again in about a week. Take care.[li][li]I have the Shepherd card in hand with the necessary contracts and souls for the full menace wipe. Was wanting to save it til I had all 4 at 7 but have had nightmares at 7.5 for a while and its really ticking me off (filled my hand with red).
[li]So going to use it an hour or so, so it doesn’t go to waste please dump as much suspicion as you want on &quotAlfred Bloodwine&quot (bet you never would’ve guessed the name : D) Can take a bit of scandal as well (on 6), im only on 1 wound but don’t think you can transfer those but if you can feel free to.
[li]Ill change this post when I use it, until then have at it!! : )
[li]Happy to pay it back to the forums for all your help.[/li][li]
edited by Alfred_Bloodwine on 5/15/2016

Ah, sorry I didn’t see this post until much too late. :-)
Although, if you’d like to trade my Scandal for your Nightmares sometime in the future (when both our Menaces creep up again), I’m sure we can work something out. ^_^

[li]Hey Kittenpox, sounds like a plan please feel free to be intouch via forums or ingame actions with embedded messages, always up for doing most things, dont interact quite as much with other players as i would like always nice to try to remedy that : )

[li]One other thing. A few hours after i handed in the card and edited the forum post someone sent me a whole bunch of suspicion actions (around 7 i think). I wont mention any names but if you happen to be reading this I feel really bad that you wasted all those actions. Im not interested in taking that on atm now that my slate is squeaky clean. Please send me a private message or get in contact some other way on whether youd like me to hang onto the actions and use them in a week or so when im ready to do this again. Sorry again about that.

I’m not in the habit of taking on everyone’s Menaces (as a general rule), but just at the moment I can help with this one.
If either of you (Alfred or the unnamed person) want to do so, send the Menaces to my alt - http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Nekodemus - and I’ll deal with them.
Seems a waste for someone to have sent so many actions only to have it be for naught. :-)