Dubious Kraken Investments

&quotYour Kraken starts with the tangible, buying and selling goods for blistering profit. Then it begins to trade in abstracts; forgotten favours, first loves, lost dreams, private wants, all signed over in triplicate.&quot

I think my Kraken is trading NFTs.


Well, I do seem to have an inordinately large collection of apes.
edited by Alexander Feld on 5/20/2022


To be fair, in a way the Bazaar started it. It’s the one that sees fit to pay you for a Crimson Book in love stories after all. And how do you claim ownership over a Touching Love Story you tell someone else in exchange for Bazaar permits, anyway? What’s to stop me from reordering events, identities and circumstances slightly in order to rip off the Masters for yet more Bazaar Permits?