I just encountered sidebar text in fallen london that reads as follows: &quotOnce a genteel London suburb, the island of Drudgewick retains much of its former character. Gravel is neatly raked and children are well-behaved. But why do the residents leave all those sharp stones on the village green?&quot I don’t recall ever having come across this sidebar text before.
Does drudgewick exist in sunless sea? One would think it would be near to london if it did. Perhaps it is a planned future island?

Interesting, this could possibly be a new area in development if it is not simply a Failbetter homage to some other subject matter.

Drudgewick does not exist as far as I’ve searched the map…how did you get that to pop up?

Captain Nemo, it’s just sidebar flavor text, in FL not SS. It might mean nothing.

I have yet to see this particular snippet, but it has been on the wiki for over a year, so it cannot be a new thing. The island sounds like fun! Sinister fun, but fun nonetheless. It’s about time we got some new overzees locations to explore in Fallen London; I love zailing, but having recently visited Corpsecage, Bullbone and the Grunting Fen, there is nothing left for me to explore.

I’ve actually sent a question to failbetter regarding this. I got this in reply:

“These islands aren’t in Sunless Sea for purely pragmatic reasons: primarily, that the Southern Archipelago doesn’t have space for them.”

So, that’s that.

Makes me sad.

agreed. I do see why these islands couldn’t be included. Maybe in the expansion? but really I’d most like to visit them in FL.

+1 for coming up with &quotsinister fun&quot: it’s everywhere you need it to be.