Dreams of Fallen London

I have now joined that most select of communities - the Neathy Dreamers (a title I just made up and now wonder if there is an established name already?).

Visions of the stolen city appeared to me in my sleep. It were almost as if some lunatic entrepreneur had constructed a house of horrors upon the surface in our modern day and, by accident or design, had actually caused the entrance way to transport visitors to a twin of the house on some Neathy island or promontory. Those same guests, myself included, explored the dark and cobwebbed house. Puzzles were found in the doors and sickening revelations in scraps of diary pages littered around. Strangest of all, a whole new world could be seen through the windows. The details fade like morning mists but one image remains clear to me now: the river ran a bright a vivid red, the only touch of the colour to be seen in this world, and the waters ran inland on the tide from the horizon where maybe half a dozen whale tails of monstrous size thrashed about and in… agony, or delight?

I have heard many of you, you delicious friends of the Bazaar, have experienced such night-time phantasias of the stolen city. Could I press you to recall them now?

Well, at the risk of derailing this thread and sending it spinning off to the Surface or Mr Pages, I had a dream just last night about Failbetter (not their creations).

I was in London (the real one) and going into some little gallery or museum in a church-like building at the western end of Euston Road. There was an exhibition on about the four new projects of Failbetter Games, with raised plinths and little sheets of thick card bound together and explaining each project. Then I was in the corridors off this main exhibition space, narrow low-ceilinged things that twisted back on themselves every four metres or so. Something akin to an old fire station or the back corridors of a theatre or the underbelly of the Royal Albert Hall. It was quite crowded with clutter. Two (male) Failbetter staff were there, and then Alexis turned up. There was probably some talking that went on, but I can’t remember any more.

The only dream I really remember is from back when I first started playing. I was really impatient about getting to the Shuttered Palace, or more accurately having stuff to do there, so I was spending all my actions on gaining the Seamstresses Favor. As a result I had a dream where the more you favor you gained the more you got. Eventually you got to trade in some of your silk for pieces of clothing, up until I had the most wonderful spider-silk dress ever.

When I woke up I was really disappointed that it was all a dream and I still only had a giant stockpile of spider-silk.

[color=#009900]In the early days, one of the team here recounted a dream about a Museum of Murdered Children with a horrible snuffling woman at the desk who would only accept pigs’ hearts in payment.[/color]
>Something akin to an old fire station or the back corridors of a theatre or the underbelly of the Royal Albert Hall.

[color=#009900]If there were bottled eagles and origami bicycles down there, that’s pretty much what our office looks like.[/color]

Once, when I was very new to the game, I dreamed that I was climbing a long, dark staircase. People kept passing by and telling me strange stories, but my candle would run out before I could follow them and hear the end of the story. I remember waking up and being very annoyed that the dream was about game mechanics rather than the actual setting.

Kaesa, are you telling us you dreamed of the Midnight Staircase? That… that… that’s so meta.

Wow. I was very confused about this thread initially… Anyways I had a dream about SN last night. I had worked out a bunch of qualities that kept making more and more qualities. It made my head hurt after a while…

I had a dream about the Vake last night.

That can’t end well.