Dream Qualities Worth Pursuing [SPOILERS LIKELY]

Are the special perspectives/qualities that become available at high levels of some kinds of dreams worth playing all the way through? Aside from extra tidbits of Lore. I’m not really talking about the new zee-related ones, but the ones that allow you to see the same dreams from a different perspective.

I know there is a use for the Stormy-Eyed quality, but my character would be playing that one regardless. What about Haunted by Stairs, Seeing in Apocyan, et. al.? Do they do anything besides the literal game instructions, basically making the old cards interesting again?

(Sorry if there’s already a thread discussing these; I couldn’t find it.)

Well, both Haunted by Stairs, and especially Seeing in Apocyan, have some brilliant, atmospheric writing, if that’s what you value about FL.
Given the template provided by Stormy-Eyed, the thinking (to the extent it was discussed here) seemed to be that the revamped qualities were likely to lead to a similar new area once done.
I have certainly not regretted pursuing them.
The defunct Albatross and the suffocating dreams are another matter entirely – rather too nastily descriptive for my taste.

I don’t recall any significant mechanical advantage to pursuing those dreams