Dream Qualities (Fire Sermon, etc)

I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on the wiki about these. Do they eventually do something if you get them high enough? I’ve painstakingly avoided hitting the State of Confusion/Mirror-Marches for months on the assumption that they do, but if all they do is reveal additional dream weirdness, I would rather let them go and stop stressing out every time I fail a few Watchful challenges.

What the Thunder Said has a special condition that triggers when it gets high enough. The others don’t unlock much in the way special material (aside from new lovely words), but there are opportunities to trade in Dream qualities for rewards with Dr. Schlomo or the Nadir. Also, in the grand scheme of things, getting your dream qualities up high enough eliminates most of the cards associated with that dream from your opportunity deck.

Also, from what I’ve heard, the Mirror-Marches doesn’t damage your dream qualities, unlike the State of Confusion.

What the Thunder Said will give you the Stormy-Eyed quality, and if you build both that and What the Thunder Said up high you’ll be able to go someplace neat. If you’re a Glassman (or planning on becoming a Glassman) you’ll probably want to get your Is Someone There? dreams up as high as you can.

There’s also the currently retired Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name content - Death by Water could be used to start that quest before the content was locked away until FBG is ready to bring it back.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 11/17/2015

Visiting the Mirror-Marches does lower Is Someone There? by a few CP, which is mostly a concern at lower levels. In my experience there are fewer and rarer ways to raise it while it’s at low levels, so losing some can mean much slower gains for a while. For at least six months mine kept getting knocked back down to zero whenever I went insane, but after being able to avoid that for a while it’s built up enough that the occasional march-visit doesn’t cause too much harm.

Sara, I assume you mean Is Someone There? as well. Someone is Coming leads to visits from the Capering Relicker :P
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Whoops! Yes, Is Someone There. Sorry, running on only a couple hours sleep right now.

Thanks! Really glad I used the Tentacle-Key, then - I had suspected that was probably the less painful toll to pay.