Dreadful Surmise and Night-Whisper

I have a Night-Whisper from an expedition; it is a Wild Words item, one tier above Storm-Threnody (but Storm-Threnody does not show an option to combine S-T into N-W), and the Bazaar would pay 62.50 for it.
I have a Dreadful Surmise, from the side story from the Sunless Sea promotion, and the Bazaar would pay 312.50 for it, as it it were a mystery, but higher tier than Incunabulum.
Do you know, or predict, use for these items, in a story? Or do you figure that Bazaar sale is the only practical use? If the latter - then it would be more Echoes than I’ve ever had all at once, by a large margin, at stats well under 100. I’m aware that some people save up for Orhanage and Overgoat and so forth, but at my level, it would enable me to rapidly advance certain story lines, rather than slowly grinding the necessary items.

While I know there is at least ONE use for a Night-Whisper, that happens when one is Seeking the Name, I can say at least one thing about items and uses for them, and that is that there is perhaps one singular item I have not found SOME kind of use for (note that I said not FOUND, not that there is not such a use). Eventually, it is almost certain that ANY item will have it’s use.

However, the question you need to answer for these, is the eventual possibility of use enough to keep you from selling them? Night-Whispers ARE obtainable via other avenues, and I suspect that in due time Dreadful Surmises will also be. If you do decide to hold onto them for future use, that’s obviously quite fine. However, I can safely say that you should can definately not worry about never finding another Night-Whisper (if nothing else, they’re purchaseable with Certifiable Scraps), and I will be very surprised if we cannot eventually obtain other Dreadful Surmises through other routes.

As for Night-Whisper… it have something to do with previous city (Third, according to certain writer. Fourth, according to disgraced scholar and your experience) and have connection with some kind of language (Correspondence? it’s ‘wild word’, afterall).

As for Dreadful Surmise… it is an evidence, a proof and record of something great and terrible that you have witnessed. [color=#000000]Maybe that is record of your time with the child of the Empress. Or more likely, sight of terrible thing that zails the Zee. In that case, it’s[/color] A memento that will lead - or drag you to The Sunless Sea.

In metagaming term: They are vendor item. Sell it and buy some nifty gear![li]
edited by Tommy Wi on 9/24/2013