DRAMA! ...tic tension.

In exploring the new options that PoSI-status has opened up to me, I’ve found this popping up in a number of places. ‘Fighting a War of Assassins’ and two separate activities in Wilmot’s End all seem to accumulate it, and it can seemingly be used in an entirely interchangeable fashion. Huge list of possible things you can get out of it, all needed for PoSI items, and the price-tag is always the same: 3 CP.

Well, it’s easy enough to determine WHAT I need, but considering that very interchangeability, it’s far from clear how it’s wisest to go about getting it. After all, even if I want - just as an example - a Legal Document, the best way to get THAT might actually be to accumulate the tension by fighting a war of assassins, and THEN hit Wilmot’s End for a quick round of ‘business’ to get my reward. Or if If actually need Use of Villains, it could be the other way around!

So - are the options all balanced, leaving the choice a matter of flavor and dominant stats? Or are some of the approaches just faster, easier or safer? I foresee that I’ll be spending a lot of time riding those carousels no matter what, so figuring out which turn the smoothest right from the outset should save me some time and effort along the way…

The number of actions for raising dramatic tension by one point is exactly the same in Wilmot’s End and through Fighting a War of Assassins, and if I remember well, so are the stat levels. So it comes down to which your dominant stat is, or what stats you want to improve.

You should try all of the options to enjoy the stories, but there really isn’t a difference. I maxed out persuasive and watchful a while ago, so Wilmot’s end wasn’t as useful for me. I typically go to the Forgotten Quarter because there are more shadowy and dangerous checks, and the Forgotten Quarter is a nice place to spend your time if you have a decent supply of laudanum.

Your advice is well-taken… though, I DO feel like pointing out, that last bit is basically the equivalent of saying that Germany, ca. 1940, is a nice place to spend your time if you have a decent supply of bullets. :p

Anyway, I’ll focus on using whatever approach is most helpful to stat-training. Which makes me wonder, though… is there any stats that are noticeably harder to bring up in the post-100 area, the way Shadowy is in the run-up to PoSI? I certainly haven’t noticed any such imbalance yet, but then I haven’t explored all the options yet either…

The Doing Business in Wilmot’s End cycle has an option that occasionally gives you Compromising Documents, so I usually use that one.

One thing to note is that Wilmot’s End requires you to run another loop through the cycle before you can cash out the Tension, while the Assassins rewards are available whenever you have enough Tension from your Lodgings. So if you’re totally unconcerned with the nature of the reward and just want the most echoes per action, you should always buy Assassins rewards no matter where you get the Tension.
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Aye, I noticed this myself… thought it seemed odd. Still, neither carousel is exactly an ideal moneymaker, no? If you’re running it, it’s probably because you NEED something from it, so you just have to do that extra spin to get your Whirring Contraption or those 4 Strong-Backed Laborers…

Getting Collections of Curiosities from the War of Assassins is very lucrative.

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Oho? That IS interesting… maybe I’ll do a few runs for that. Does that approach involve selling the CoC directly, or trading it in for maps with the Tomb-Colonists?

Trade with the tomb colonists. It’s one of the best echo grinds in the game (apart from the fate-locked stuff).

Is Wilmot’s End mintely faster for building up tension because of the possibility of drawing one of the opportunity cards with a rare success that gives you 2 CP instead of the usual 1 CP on these carousels? I just got the card for the first half of Missing Woman, which you can draw anywhere, and was vaguely contemplating advancing that carousel at a snail’s pace while doing other things.

Depends. If you have not capped your stats yet these card are not that great in the long run - you have this super low chance of getting 2CP by forfeiting regular stat gains.

If you are capped then yes, but it is still so rare that you probably should expect it to shave off 0.01 action per cycle or something.