Dr. Orthos?

Who is this Dr. Orthos? Why is he your rival? Why does he wish to hinder you? And why do you run into him in the Forgotten Quarter, and even in the middle of the Unterzee?

He’s an archaeologist who believes in labor-saving measures, like letting other people find his artifacts for him. Rather like René Belloq.

Mayhe he’s just a misunderstood stalker with a crush.

He is a wealthy archaeologist and academic who outsources his archaeology to brutish thugs. He relies on quantity over quality to get results. He is everywhere, because he is not doing the work himself.

He’s also everywhere because he has a short attention span and is liable to jump to a different project at a moment’s notice.

So on the one hand, he won’t hold it against you when you beat him to the punch, but on the other, he’ll never stop trying to beat you.