Double challenge cards

How do cards hat have two challenges (e.g. City Vice: a Rather Decadent Evening). I looked on the wiki but it doesn’t seem to indicate. Is succeeding on both challenges a Rare success, while only one challenge a normal success? But then I have definitely succeeded on both challenges and never got an Eager glove. But if not, then what’s the difference between succeeding and not succeeding on a Bohemian challenge, assuming you succeed on a Persuasive?

Succeeding on both is a normal success (with a chance at a rare success.) Failing either is a failure!

If i remember right, you get different failures on some cards based on what you fail, and, sometimes you even get items anyways. but, like Sir frederick said, succeeding on both is a normal success. they may also have a rare sucess that only happens if both suceed, or three failure outcomes, depending on which parts of the challenge you fail.